3 Easy Ways To Spend Some Time With Mother Nature

You may have heard about the health benefits that can come from spending time outdoors. These advantages are physical, mental and even spiritual in nature. But how can you start adding more time in nature to your routine? Here are a few tips to help you get started.


If sleeping in a dirty old tent gives you the willies, glamping might be the perfect compromise to get you out in nature. Look into Broken Bow cabins for rental units that will bring you to nature’s front door but still let you shower at the end of the hike. Campers and trailers can also be a great way to experience the great outdoors and still sleep in a warm bed at night.

Workday Walks

If you ever get a break for lunch, you can use that time to breathe some fresh air. Perhaps you can walk to the deli down the street, getting in some steps as you go. If you have a park nearby you can walk or drive to it and eat your lunch at a picnic table, listening to birds and crickets. Taking a brisk walk for half an hour during the day can do wonders for your mood and physical health after so much time spent at your desk.

Early Rising

Did you know that early risers are scientifically proven to be more initiative and successful? Getting up even just a few minutes earlier can give you a chance to take your coffee out to the back porch and feel the dewy air on your face. It can ground you literally to the earth and help you get ready to take on the day.

If the closest thing you’ve ever been to a jungle is a concrete one, these tips might help you slowly introduce more nature into your life. Before you know it, you may find yourself singing with the coyotes and swinging in the trees — or at least smiling when the sun comes up.