4 Family Fun Outings Outside Baltimore

There are several small towns outside the larger Baltimore for any families want to escape the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Here are some family-friendly suggestions for fun things to do outside the big city.

Go For A Hike

Marshy Point Nature Center is a different type of hiking spot. It is marshland, so besides hiking, you can canoe, kayak and fish. The nature center is close enough to the Chesapeake Bay that there are several bird species to observe that are important for the ecosystem of the region. Be sure to bring a nature journal and let your kids explore.

Eat Away From The Chains

Although the busy city will boast a wide variety of dining experiences, they often lack in family-owned and operated restaurants. A small-town bar and grill Nottingham MD outside Baltimore has been operating since the 1940s. That means the food is undoubtedly delicious and the atmosphere is inviting. At a local spot, you are more likely to meet the locals too.

Shop Locally

Take the family shopping on the small town Main Streets you won’t find in Baltimore. These streets will be filled with small businesses that need your support as visitors more than ever. Shop small businesses on days beyond Small Business Saturday. Chocolate shops, vintage furniture, boutique clothing brands, and old-fashioned toy stores are just some of the gems you can find in little towns.

Take A Drive

When in doubt, pack up the car and go for a long drive through the countryside. There is always something new to find or somewhere new to explore. Without a plan, you may just find something you weren’t looking for. Pack a picnic for the road and enjoy the scenery before heading back to the city.

Some of the best outings are found in smaller places. Grab your family and go explore small-town Maryland.