5 Tips You Can Use To Get Cheaper Flight Tickets

You may not be aware, but many times, the timing of ticket booking or not taking advantage of offers might be the reason for the expensive air tickets! Mentioned here are five super simple ways to help you get cheaper airfares.

Travel is one of the best experiences you can have not only to relax and rejuvenate but also to explore and learn. Whether you are travelling for pleasure or work, planning it needs money, a good part of which goes towards bookingair tickets.  

However, airfares needn’t be always taxing because there are ways you can book cheaper tickets. All you have to do is follow these simple tips. 


  • Do Not Go About Checking Ticket Prices


You might have noticed that there is a hike in fares from the last time you visited the site. It is because the website records cookies and server details and thus knows what you are searching for and need. So, the system takes it that you might be willing to pay even if the fare is higher. 

A solution would be to check ticket prices in incognito/private mode, an option available with most browsers. You could also clear the cookies or check the site from a different computer!


  • Avoid Booking During Peak Seasons and During Weekends


If you have planned a tour around holidays, festivals or peak tourist season, book your tickets well in advance. Ticket fares are higher closer to such times. If you buy tickets earlier, you can get a good deal. However, you can most probably find cheap fares if you choose to travel on the day of the festival. Thus, if you don’t mind missing the Diwali time with your friends and family, you might find some great offers on your bookings. 

Another time to avoid is weekends. Why wait till the week to end to buy your tickets when you can get lower fares during the start of the week? Tuesdays and Wednesdays are regarded as best days to catch low fares. 


  • Be the Early Bird to Pay Less


Ticket prices are usually higher close to the departure dates, so try booking early. Plan your travel and pick out your dates and book the tickets. It is a pertinent rule traveller follow to not end up paying high fares.  

There are also the off hours that you can look into that impact fares. Flights between 11 am, and 8 pm could be more expensive. So, early morning or late night flight would have cheaper fares.


  • Book Your Tickets on the Airline Website


There are many travel sites which have ticket booking provisions, and they are suitable options as well. But a more convenient option would be to use the airline website to buy tickets. The airlines also offer discounts and offer from time to time, and you could use them to get lower fares.  


  • Utilise Airline Miles 


One of the best ways to ensure cheaper flights tickets is to use the miles you have accumulated or earn miles for later use on the bookings. If you have enough reward points, you may even get to fly for free! Many airlines also offer additional or special discounts through their loyalty programmes. 

If you plan well and book tickets in advance and take advantage of the reward points offered by airlines, you can save a considerable amount of money. Aren’t cheaper airfares a matter of joy? However, cheaper doesn’t always need to be inferior. Make sure you pay attention to your comfort and convenience as you look for the best offers.