6 Travel Tips For You

Do You Love Traveling?

Do you enjoy visiting other places?

What about seeing the dreamland you’ve wanted to step on someday?

Traveling is related to my preferred name online. I already explained it in Manlalakbay’s biographical lens. You will read there what my pen name does mean.

Things you will find here are the benefits you will get from traveling to different places, countries; what to consider before you go and see the new country; experience stuff you haven’t encountered before, and get discounts by using coupon codes.

I hope this serves as your guide and reference. Also, it will be handy and useful to you for sure. Enjoy your vacation and have a happy trip.

  1. Get Discounts by Using Coupon Codes

Want to get more out of your money?

Traveling around the world is a dream for most of us. But before you settle your travel fees and start your journey, get hold of yourself. You will get to know that there are some ways to lessen your expenses through coupon codes. By using them, you’ll save a lot of money. Check out Airbnb coupon code that works and save on your next trip.

  1. Know the Destination You Wanna Go

Have a definite place in mind

Of course, before we go to a place that is new to us, we should first do our homework: take research on what this place has to offer. Is it safe for tourists to go there? Do they have a better reputation when it comes to safety and security (meaning, no danger surrounds it)? If all these questions have been answered by yes, then there’s no doubt not to come and enjoy.

  1. Bring a Map or Guide Book with You

Be knowledgeable about the best things in that country

Having a map or guide book with you is a good thing to have. It is where you refer whenever you feel awkward or lost in the country you are in. Don’t know where is the place to celebrate and have fun? Want to know their best cuisine or anything about the place? Then these two will benefit you in the long run so don’t forget to bring them with you on your trip always.

  1. Learn At Least Few Words of that Country

Basic phrases, greetings, etcetera will do

One of the first things to consider is to know the spoken language of the place you are going esp. if it’s not an English country. If the people there know how to speak English, then you have nothing to worry about as you can communicate with them easily. 

But the problem arises when you go to a country (like Japan) that insists and proud to use their native tongue in communicating. Although, few people there can speak English more than half of the population cannot. 

So learn at least a few basic words and phrases of the country you plan to visit. If you want, you may hire a tourist guide to make things easy for you.

  1. Know the Cultures and Traditions Beforehand

List them down on your notebook considering the months you will be there

Know what cultures and traditions the country do have. It depends on days, weeks or months you will be there. So before going to your preferred place, take time to research these celebrations and equipped yourself with knowledge about them (history, ways on celebrating occasions and others).

  1. Experience the Other Life Out There

Be adventurous and savor their way of life

By exposing yourself to an indifferent society, you’ll experience what kind of companionship they have. Sometimes, getting yourself involved in a new thing will nourish you to become stronger, smarter and inclined more to life. 

Sharing yourself with others, also vice versa will make our world a better place to live in.