7 Wonderful Beaches in Makassar Indonesia

One of the cities in South Sulawesi that attracts tourists the most is Makassar. In Makassar itself, beach destinations are indeed a favorite of many tourists who come to visit this city. The reason is that there are a group of beautiful beaches in amazing islands around this city, which are unique and exotic. A variety of water activities you can do at some of those beaches would make your vacation even more memorable and enjoyable. If you want to know recommendations for beaches with amazing views in Makassar, just look at the information below.

  • Losari Beach

Losari Beach is an identity that represents Makassar. This beach has become a tourism icon from the famous Makassar city throughout Indonesia. Different from other beaches in Makassar, you will not find sand on the edges but concrete. Although Losari Beach does not have sand, it does not reduce its beauty. There are still many interesting activities that you can try out while you are here such as sailing, banana boating, fishing, enjoying culinary delights, and so on.

  • Akkarena Beach

Akkarena Beach is a black sand beach that is as attractive as Losari Beach. This beach functions as a dock for the arrival of tourist boats that have finished circling the Makassar sea. The scenery presented by Akkarena Beach will be way more amazing if you see it in the afternoon at sunset. In addition to seeing the sunset, you can also do other water rides such as banana boating, water jet ski, or you can also take pictures on the bridge from a wooden deck.

  • Samalona Island White Sand Beach

Samalona Island is a favorite of tourists among other islands in the Spermonde Archipelago group. The attraction of this beach is the white sand on this small island. In addition, the white sand beach surrounds the island, so it looks more attractive.

Not only that, on the white sand beach of Samalona Island, you can also enjoy the underwater beauty of coral reefs. The northern part of the island has the beautiful underwater beauty of coral reefs and is a perfect spot for snorkeling.

  • Kayangan Island Beach

This particular beach in Ujung Pandang is quite interesting because the east side is facing the Makassar port. So you can enjoy extra views of the beach as well as views of ships in the harbor.

Many tourists are attracted to this beach to see the view from the ships. Kayangan Island beach will be more beautiful at night because the view of the lights on the opposite side adds to the atmosphere to be more romantic.

  • Tanjung Bayang Beach

Tanjung Bayang Beach is a lake located on the edge of the Tanjung Bunga Metro street. Because it is close to the capital city of Makassar, this beach usually will be crowded during holidays or weekends. Moreover, the entry ticket to get to this location is very affordable so you can spend time with your family or friends as much as you want without being worried that it would be charged high. Activities that you can do on this beach are playing beach volleyball and football. The waves at Tanjung Bayang Beach are usually gentle except in April and November.

  • Lae-Lae Island White Sand Beach

The White Sand Beach of Lae Lae Island is no less exotic than other beaches in Makassar. Even more unique, around this beach, you can find various historical heritage sites such as tunnels which are said to be related to the Fort Rotterdam fortress and triangular-shaped breakwaters— which are relics from the Dutch colonial. Apart from learning the history, there are many other activities you can do here as well, including diving in selected spots, snorkeling, or just enjoying the sunrise and sunset.

  • White Sand Beach Kodingareng Island Keke

Many tourists call Kodingareng Keke Island a “hidden paradise” island in Makassar. This is because they really like to take pictures with the beautiful background of the island in this white sand dune.

In addition to the white sand dune, the attraction of the beach on the island of Kodingareng Keke is the underwater scenery. You can also take pictures in its beautiful underwater while diving.

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