A holy and spectacular trip to Pushkar and Ajmer in Rajasthan


Pushkar in Rajasthan, India, is truly a magnetic and magnificent place. Considered as one of the most sacred holy places in India, Pushkar has been quite a charm for the Hindu pilgrims. Although it is a relatively small city, it has many temples, the most famous of which is the one dedicated to Brahma.

Beyond Sadar Bazaar, the steps that plunge into the Ghats and the many monkeys that move between the roofs of buildings make the atmosphere of Pushkar unique. The old balconies, the dilapidated lampposts and at the southwest end, the Jain temple flooded with music and prayers, the tangled alleys mingle with the bright colors: all describe Pushkar in their own ways. 

Visit the beautiful temples –

In a trip to Ajmer and Pushkar, you can witness 500+ temples. Among the temples in Pushkar, Savitri temple, Varaha temple, Gautama Maharishi temple, Apteshwar Mahadev temple, Brahma temple, 108 Mahadev temples are the best known. Every year, millions of pilgrims visit Pushkar to offer their prayers to the god of creation, “Brahma”. It is said that having a bath in the Pushkar Lake makes your wishes come true. Thousands of foreign nationals visit to Pushkar, as they find a sharp image of spiritual, incredible, and colorful India. Pushkar is also known as the King’s City of Pilgrimage and one of the most famous places for Hindus. 

Exploring the Pushkar –

Pushkar is a great place to explore the beauty of the Thar Desert on camel safaris. There are several Ghats that surround the Pushkar Lake. You will have a spectacular experience f you visit one of these Ghats. The essence of flowers and incense sticks will mesmerize your sense, and the “choir chanting” will filter your soul. These are unique experiences. You will also have an unforgettable experience of shopping in Pushkar. You can buy handicrafts, jewelry, clothes, bags, shoes, etc., at affordable prices.

If you like adventure, hiking in the Pushkar Hills brings you the moment of adrenalin rush. Visit the famous Savitri temple by hiking the Ratnagri hill. The view of the Pushkar town from the top of the hill is magnificent at dawn. Hot air balloon is one of the adventure sports that you can do at Pushkar Fair.

Ajmer, the taste of Rajasthan, India –

Nestled in the southwest of Jaipur, Ajmer has been home to several dynasties and is considered today as an educational and cultural center of India. Ajmer has the tomb of a famous Sufi saint, known as the Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti. The (Sufi shrine) Dargah Sharif has three gates: the Nizam gate, the Shah Jahan gate, and the Buland Darwaza gate.

Ajmer is also known for Mayo College. Mayo College is one of the oldest independent schools in India. Founded in 1875 and appointed by Richard Bourke on 6th County Mayo, Mayo College was set up to provide the Prince of India’s Sheriffs with an education similar to that provided by College Eton in Britain. It is also a sacred city for Hindus and Muslims and is renowned for being a center of history, culture and beauty.