A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right North Carolina Wedding Venue

A couple’s choice of wedding venue will set the tone for the entire event. It takes some time to choose the right venue, and getting a few other basic planning tasks out of the way first can make it easier to narrow down locations. However, couples need to balance the need for finding a perfect venue against the threat of everything being booked and start their searches early. Here’s how to get started.

Step One: Choose a General Area

The first step in choosing the perfect North Carolina Wedding Venue is to narrow down the general location. Whether couples and their guests hail from the mountains off of the Blue Ridge Parkway or the state’s beautiful beaches, the Asheville area is one of the most popular destinations. No matter what venue couples choose, there will be plenty of nearby accommodations for out-of-town guests and other things to do while they’re in town.

Step Two: Determine a Budget

For most couples, the combined costs of renting a venue and paying for catering takes up about half their budgets. Couples who don’t want to choose between going into debt and sacrificing aesthetics may want to look into rural venues like vineyards. They tend to cost less than venues in major cities.

Step Three: Estimate the Guest Count

There’s no need to figure out the final guest count before investigating venues. Couples do need to have a general estimate of how many people will be attending the wedding, though, since every venue has a maximum number of people it can comfortably hold. Choosing a property that has both indoor and outdoor spaces can give couples a little more leeway if they decide to invite extra guests at the last minute.

Step Four: Consider Priorities

Every venue has its benefits and drawbacks. It’s difficult to weigh them against each other if couples don’t have a distinct set of priorities. Before investigating particular venues, define absolute necessities versus features or amenities that would be nice but aren’t truly necessary.

Step Five: Narrow Down a Date Range

It’s best not to set the date officially until couples have nailed down a venue. This gives them a little more leeway when it comes to booking. Choose a few specific dates and keep them in mind as the venue hunt begins.

Step Six: Make a List

Next, couples should sit down and make a physical list of all the venues that fit all their basic requirements. Include contact information, as well, and plan to contact every venue on the list. Don’t assume the first venue that’s available for one of the potential wedding dates will be the best fit.

Step Seven: Reach Out

Reach out to the venues on the list. Ask if they are available, how many people they can accommodate, and what amenities they offer. Write down the responses and take detailed notes to make it easier to narrow down options.

Step Eight: Visit a Few Venues

Once the list has been narrowed down, couples can plan visits to a few of their favourite options. Call in advance to schedule a tour and speak with the event manager. An in-person visit will tell couples far more about the venue than its website or phone conversations with its representatives.

The Final Step: Sign on the Dotted Line

After choosing a venue, ask for a copy of the contract. Give it a close reading and ask for clarification about anything that doesn’t quite make sense. If everything looks good, return the signed contract to the venue and move on to the next stages of planning.