A2 English Test for UK Spouses Visa

The A2 English test is the most common exam for UK spouses’ visas. Basic English is required for this test. Many centers are providing training for this test. There is a set of procedures to be followed to book in this A2english test. In this article let’s see about them in detail.

What is the A2 English Test?

In the 2010 autumn, the UK government introduced a new rule for marriage visa applicants to compulsory undertake English tests to ensure they can understand, speak, and write English to the level of child age below 6.

Level A1 &Level A2 Spouse English Test

Previously UK government announces a partner or spouse visa with at least A1 level of English for the family of a settled person under the Common European Framework of Reference for Language. (CEFR)

To extend the visa further to 5 years, the applicant must pass the A2 English TestThis is a secure English Language test conducted by CEFR for the UK spouse visa extension. There are many categories comes under Level A2 English Test.

Level A2 – GESE Grade 3

The family for a settled person (spouse/partner) and parent of a dependant must undergo a Grade 3 English test. The exam is approved under the UKVI council and it is a test based on Speaking and Listening.

GESE Grade 3 is a 7-minute exam for which you need to prepare for basic and daily routines related questions. Here you are supposed to use present continuous tense and you must be capable of pronouncing the words without any staggering.

The officials will reveal the test results within a few minutes and will send you the letter of certification to your register address through the post in 7 days.

Who will need to apply for the A2 Test?

The foreign spouses who are planning to reside in the UK with British spouses are eligible to apply for this A2 English Test. The UK governments announce this test to implement tighter rules in the country to prevent sham marriages and illegal immigrants.

At the same time, the applicant must know Basic English for a prerequisite Life in the UK. To ensure this UK conducts this test for UK spouse visa migrants.

The secret to passing the exam is to understand the words and phrases about home, life in the UK, weather, daily routine, time, etc. Learn to pronounce the words without staggering and prepare to reply promptly with simple sentences.

Use the study material which is available in the official link; try to complete all the questions available in Life in UK test questions for better practice.

How to apply for the A2 test?

The applicant can apply online for this test on an official website. To book the exam, the applicant must enter the required information as per the original documents.

The applicant must register at least 3 days before the exam, the candidate who books today for tomorrow’s exam will be rejected. The booking on Friday after 4 p.m. will be considered as a Monday application form. The fee for this exam is 200GBP.

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