All Travel Solutions in Guatemala: Choose the Smartest Solutions

Guatemala represents Central America’s Mayan heart. Guatemala is a diverse and attractive nation for budget trips, and home to old historic monuments and amazing remains, lush rainforests, colorful architecture, vibrant marketplaces and high-profile volcanoes.

The rough mountains and jungles provide daring visitors the opportunity to wander off track and discover unspoiled landscapes for a fraction of what they’d pay in other parts of the world.Tikal’s Mayan ruins in Guatemala.

Renting a vehicle may be very time-consuming as well as stressful, but not unduly difficult or expensive. With a couple of steps in preparation, you may earn additional rentals plus any incidental costs, locate excellent bargains where you need to go, and easily be certain of any inconvenience. Not doing it might cost you better time and money to enjoy your journey. Choosing the Travel agency in Guatemala os the best option there and for that renting a car is also a fine option.

Tikal National Park Explore

These would be the world’s most popular ruins. Arrive early and remain late when tour groups depart the park in the afternoon. We also advise you to sleep in the park to see the dawn. If you want to witness the dawn or sunset, you will have to pay more for a guided trip.

Explore the market of Chichicastenango

Most people are visiting Chichicastenango, North America’s largest indigenous market. Tons of Quich√© Mayan people come to the city to purchase and sell handicrafts, flowers, poems, drinks and textiles each Thursday and Sunday.

Visiting the Archeological and Ethnological National Museum

This museum is located in Guatemala City and has numerous items from all around the nation found in Mayan archaeological sites. The museum was created in 1898 and has about 20,000 articles, so you can understand better about Mayan civilization. It’s a really nice location to visit. Entrance per individual is 60 GTQ.

View the ruins of Yaxha

Consider the more remote remains of Yaxha if Tikal is too popular for you. Yaxha, like Tikal, is a huge archaeological site in Mesoamerica. This was the third biggest city in the area, located in northern. The area was “discovered” in 1904 and dates to 250-600 CE, home to numerous large stone pyramids. Spend a couple of hours gazing at old artwork and complexly sculpted hieroglyphs. Entrance per individual is 80 GTQ.

Walk the Pacaya Volcano

Often above Antigua, this working volcano breaks forth ash clouds, yet it’s a great day’s walk (do not fear. The route is rather simple (not too steep) and takes about 2 hours to walk, so you may appreciate the scenery before you can actually see the volcano’s cone. Only an authorised guide may reach Pacaya, therefore you need to reserve a tour. Be cautious of the low cost excursions that frequently only include transport and a guide to speak Spanish.

Flores Hiking

On Lake Peten Itza is this little island, a huge northern lake and the country’s second-largest lake. The island joins the mainland by a small, man-made road, which is ideal to hike, swim and observe animals. You are within a short drive from some of the country’s most untamed rainforests (it makes for a good base for exploring the nearby jungles). The ruins of Tikal are also nearby.