All You Need to Know About Getting Around Kerala by Bus

Kerala, also referred to as God’s own country is the perfect choice for a refreshing vacation. In case you are unable to make up your mind about an affordable mode of travel through Kerala, we have you covered. While there is a multitude of options to choose from, here are some of the reasons why opting for a tourist bus in Kerala, might just be your answer –

  1. Comfort

The tourist buses in Kerala are specially designed to cater to the vast number of tourists that flock to Kerala throughout the year, with super air suspension to ease the bumps on the road. You can ride these buses comfortably, while you recline on your seats and enjoy the mesmerizing views of Kerala.

  1. Custom made tour options

While opting for tourist buses in Kerala you can choose from an array of packages depending on the number of travellers and places to visit. You could also request for custom made tour packages, depending on your choice of places to visit in Kerala. Travelling in tourist buses in Kerala gives you the flexibility to choose or design your touring needs.

  1. Cost

Tourist buses are one of the most cost-effective modes of travel in Kerala. Without the hassle of planning your travel, you can enjoy the comfort of just relaxing and truly experience the magnificent beauty of Kerala.

  1. Special services

Most of these packages might include special services or offers to ensure your journey in Kerala is comfortable and memorable. They have seasonal offers too, during peak time.

  1. Safety

All reputed tourist bus packages ensure safety during travel with adequate emergency options in case of crisis. Most reputed tourist bus packages focus on customer satisfaction till the end of the journey.

  1. Time management

Good time management while travelling in a new destination is crucial and private tourist buses are punctual with their timing. They have a clear schedule and itinerary to ensure your stay in Kerala is smooth with ample time to explore the cities.

While choosing to travel through Kerala in a tourist bus is a smart choice, you need to look at a certain important aspect before choosing the right tour package. Here are some of the key factors to consider:

Condition of the vehicle: Ensure to gather details on the working condition and the interior of the bus. As you will be spending long hours travelling in the bus, the maintenance and the interior of the bus will play a major role in ensuring a comfortable journey. If you are a music buff, then make sure to cross check that the bus has a functioning audio system

Reputation: Opt for well-known and reputed tourist bus operators, as this will guarantee the quality of the services. And also a hassle free booking and journey.

Government approved: Ensure the tourist bus operator is certified and have the required Government approval to ply on the road and conduct tours. This is paramount and will reduce the risk of any mishaps.

Cost: Remember to compare costs from a range of tourist bus operators before finalizing, as there is a plethora of players in the market and a little research could help you cut back on your budget.

The bus fares differ depending on the number of passengers and the distance to be covered.

So while planning your travel to Kerala, you can rest assured that there are adequate travel options at your disposal and if you want to be spared the tension of planning a road trip, then you can always hop onto a tourist bus in Kerala.