Are Medium-Cost Tires Good?


The first question to ask yourself when looking for the right set of tires is: What tires are you using now and what are their pros and cons? The second question is: What kind of driving will you be using them for? 

You can just lay down the advantages and disadvantages of the type and brand you already use. This method can save you a lot of time and give you a good starting point.

If you don’t demand too much from your car, you don’t need premium tires. You can settle for medium-cost tires that are much better than budget tires.

Over time, no matter what type of tire you choose, your tires will wear and tear anyway. Therefore, if you don’t plan on using your premium tires to their maximum capacity, they can actually be a waste of money.

Performance tires are made to exceed any expectations. If you don’t drive your car like you stole it, or put it through a lot of pressure, focus on mid-range tires. On AutobyMars you can find several articles about medium and premium tires

What are Medium-Cost Tires?

Medium-Cost Tires, or Medium-Range tires, are a happy medium between budget and premium tires. They are more durable than budget tires and have an over-all higher quality.

On the other hand, medium-cost tires can’t withstand as much and don’t perform as well as premium tires. They are much cheaper than premium tires though. If you’re a frequent driver but you don’t put too much pressure on your vehicle, these tires are great for you.

Medium-Range tires allow manufacturers to reduce costs to get to a bigger range of customers. This also includes dealers who want to offer end-user a choice of a cheaper tire.

These tires appeal to people that have to replace tire due to sidewall damage before the tread wears out. But they want better quality than budget brands.

Most medium-cost tires are made by the same people that manufacture the premium tires but at a cheaper price. The reason why they’re cheaper is that these tires don’t contain the same high-end tech as premium tires.

The three main benefits of medium-cost tires are that it’s often made by premium tire manufacturers. They have greater durability than budget tires while also being at a lower cost than premium.


These tires can ensure the perfect performance for you and you can find them surprisingly reliable for their price. If this is what you’re looking for, then medium-cost tires might be the right choice for you.