Beret, Gjirokaster, Ksamil: three tourist places in Albania!

Is an Albania really worth it? The answer is simple and sounding: Yes. It has absolutely nothing to envy neighboring countries such as Montenegro, Greece or Croatia. What’s more, today it has a great advantage. International tourism is still dripping, prices remain low and its inhabitants, eager to receive more tourism, are charming.

Beret: the heart of Albania

Beret is the best known tourist destination to see in Albania. A beautiful town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located less than two hours from the capital. It is a city with more than 2000 years of history behind it in which each culture has left its mark. Berat is divided into three distinct historical neighborhoods: the Christian neighborhood of Gorica, the Muslim neighborhood of Mangalem and the Kajala neighborhood, located on top of the hill where the castle stands.

Gjirokaster: the city of hills

You have the origin of this beautiful city at the top of the hill. What today is a beautiful castle and with the best views of the city, reveals a glorious past. The cobbled streets of Gjirokaster are a real delight for long walks. Thus you will discover architectural jewels from the time of Turkish rule, mostly large and elegant palaces topped by stone-covered roofs. Also, if you like nature and hiking, you should know that Gjirokaster is surrounded by mountains and beautiful natural spaces. A good excuse to stay more than one night in the area is to discover magical corners such as the Blue Eye Natural Monument, and the Zheji Natural Park.

Ksamil and the ruins of Butrint

Now it’s time to leave the interior of the country to reach the coast of the Ionian Sea. You must go to the extreme south, almost touching the border with Greece. And here we have one of the great treasures to see in Albania. A town dotted with pebble beach’s, small islands and bathed by super transparent waters of an incredible turquoise color. Paradise is here. It is the beginning of the so-called Albania Riviera.

And the thing does not end here. Only about 10 minutes by car from Ksamil and heading south, you cannot miss the Butrint National Park: a wonder of nature that hides inside the ruins of the ancient city of Butrint. Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and with 3000 years of history behind it, this archaeological center shows us the passage of different cultures in the area: Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Venetians.