Best reasons why you should invest your money in Indigo flights

With the airlines industry in India getting larger and travelling becoming expensive these days, it becomes hard to find the best air travel package. If you are a frequent flyer, then you probably must have faced situations like unnecessary flight delays or a sudden hike in the price of the air tickets all of which keeps you from enjoying your air travel. But by making smart choices, you can bring more convenience to yourself. Yes, that’s right! By booking flights from Indigo Airlines from, you can now fly anywhere within India and abroad and that is also at an affordable cost. This means you can reach your destination on time and that is also hassle-free. Isn’t that cool? Well, if it is, then we have more reasons for you to invest your money in Indigo flights. Want to know them all? Then refer to the guide below.

Largest Network

Operating for more than 1000 daily flights, Indigo Airlines in India has one the best domestic network in the country. It flies its airlines in 50 locations, out of which 42 are within India while the rest of the 8 locations are overseas. Additionally, Indigo Airlines is the first Indian Carrier with 150 aircraft fleets which means they can frequently run their aircraft at the given destination and you don’t have to wait for their plane. Moreover, opting for Indigo Airlines will allow you to easily visit the leading destination in India and the world as they have the largest network.


One of the most important aspects of an airline is its comfortability and Indigo airlines is known for providing a comfortable journey to the passengers. The seats of all the classes in Indigo are made from the best material and there is enough legroom space for the passengers to sit comfortably. Booking Indigo Airlines will give you the opportunity of having a memorable trip as you don’t have to get bothered by the rickety seating space that you have probably come across in other airlines. Moreover, the seats come with the option of stretching so that you can lie down for a bit while travelling to your next destination.

Amazing Inflight Service

The quality services of the dedicated flight crew members is another reason why you should opt for Indigo Flights. The flight crew members are not only efficient in their services but also ensure that the passengers do not face any issues while travelling. They take care of all the needs of the passengers and are well behaved. Moreover, the inflight crewmembers serve the food to the passengers which means you don’t need to get up from your chair to help yourself with the food.

Airlines with Minimum Complaints

With minimal flight cancellations and regular on-time performance, Indigo Airlines receives the lowest number of complaints as compared to other airlines in India. It has a great on-time performance which is 94.3% as of 2017. In fact, the airline also sees that the grievances of the customers are not unheard of as they take the required action within their discretion to provide the best customer satisfaction. Moreover, opting for their Airline service means you won’t be late for your office tour or any other emergency purposes.

Clean Environment

Indigo is loved and preferred by passengers for its cleaned cabin and a well-maintained interior. The airline always ensures that there is a fresh ambience in its cabin and that the passengers do not have to face unnecessary troubles while travelling. They also use sanitisers and disinfectant chemicals to zero on the spread of the Covid-19. Besides, it also takes every sort of precautionary measure to ensure that passengers can travel safely during the time of the pandemic.

Offers Attractive Loyalty Programs

Signing in with Indigo Airlines for air travel will give you the benefit of getting lots of promising offers throughout the year. From complimentary Wi-Fi, free flight passes to airport lounges, and seat upgrades customers can avail the complimentary benefits of Indigo to get the best deal on ticket prices. This will also help you to keep your travel well within the budget. Moreover, you don’t have to halt your travel to find the best offers, rather you can keep on moving with the amazing cashback offers and discounts.

Pre-booking Add-on Benefits

To make your journey less hassle-free, Indigo Airlines is offering an array of add-on facilities to make your travelling comfortable. Indigo Airlines provides the customers with the opportunity to choose the add-ons as per their requirement during the time of pre-booking. The add-on facility provided by Indigo includes 6E Prime for skipping the queue, 6E Tiffin for a delicious inflight menu, Fast Forward for priority check-in, Seat Plus for choosing your preferred seat, etc. Moreover, you can save up to 50% by pre-booking their services.

Getting the best deal while booking airline tickets and that also at a discounted price is hard to find but with Indigo flights, you can easily find the best package for your air travel. So plan your next trip now by opting for Indigo flight booking and have a memorable journey to your dream destination.