Best Tips For Renting A Car

Realistically, the experience of renting a car can be overwhelming, with too much information to process before you start even considering what type of vehicle to choose. Below we show you not only advice on what to consider before booking, but also tips for pick-up, for the duration of the rental and for once the car is returned.

Before Reserving – Breaking The Price

The process of booking a rental car usually starts weeks or even months in advance, by visiting our website Cancun Car Rental by City Car Rental. One of the most important aspects to consider is the price. Intermediary companies like offer price comparisons with all suppliers, with full transparency, providing customers with the best prices and a wide variety of vehicles available.

Booking a car rental, not only benefits from the years of experience we have as a company, but also from booking with prestigious rental companies. We have strived to partner and build strong relationships with the leading car rental providers worldwide.

Do You Have To Cross Borders With Your Rental Car?

This is another element that must be taken into account before confirming your reservation. You should know the rules that regulate traffic in each country you visit. The terms and conditions vary from one rental company to another and from one country to another so that restrictions may apply. For example that certain categories of vehicles are not allowed to cross the border, that they have to pay an additional fee, or that they have to purchase additional insurance.

All information on restrictions for travelling to other countries or on any additional fees can be found on our website while making your reservation. When you pick up your car, be sure to inform the provider of your travel plans to explain the conditions that apply. If you wish, you can also take a look at our guide on additional charges and local fees. In addition, the Cancun Airport Transportation by eTransfers is a good option you should always consider when heading to the airport.

What Insurance Does My Rental Car Need?

What insurance does my rental car need? When booking a rental car through, you will always be covered by the basic compulsory insurance to drive in the country of collection. But you should know that you will be responsible for the amount of the franchise in case of damages. The franchise varies depending on the supplier, the country of collection, the category of the vehicle, etc. This amount is blocked upon collection of the car on the credit card in the name of the driver and is returned once the car is entered.