Boat Rentals in Barcelona for Various Purposes

Yachts, motorboats, and even catamarans are rented for various purposes – this can include sightseeing tours, excursions to historical landmarks, organizing anniversaries, weddings, or graduation parties. Recently, boats have also been rented for business events, serving as venues for corporate meetings, presentations, seminars, and conferences.

Boat rentals in Barcelona with skipper services at can vary in price. In some cases, rental costs from specialized companies can differ significantly depending on the type of boat. What factors influence the price?

First and foremost, experts suggest paying attention to the vessel class and capacity. If we are talking about modern yachts, these criteria are often partially reflected in the boat’s length. The longer the yacht, the more expensive it is to rent.

The capacity of the smallest yachts is limited to 5-6 passengers. Larger boats can safely accommodate up to 10-12 people on board. The largest yachts can host up to 20 guests on the deck and in the cabins, excluding the crew. Remember that the crew is not allowed to take even one more person on board than the safety rules allow.

Catamarans have a larger area for passengers on board. The largest ones can accommodate more than 200 passengers, providing them not only with space on the deck but also comfortable seats in the banquet hall.

Returning to the yacht topic, much depends on its class and age. Luxury high-speed yachts with appropriate interiors are the most expensive option. The rental cost will be influenced by the rental duration and the route length. If you plan for long stops, the rental price can be reduced.

Additional services offered by specialized companies can increase the rental cost. These include catering organization if there is a kitchen on board, organizing cultural programs, launching fireworks, renting jet skis and motorboats, tour guide services, and more. Some boats come equipped with sleeping cabins and even saunas – using these can add to the final bill.

To learn more about which yacht or boat fits your budget and what other factors will affect the cost, you can consult with specialists from specialized companies in Barcelona.