Book yourself a liveaboard Ayana holiday

If you want a traveling and fun holiday with a group of people that you share a passion or hobby with, then, book yourself and Ayana liveaboard holiday.

A unique aspect of the liveaboard holiday, is that you will spend most of the time diving and traveling. Ayana hotels understand this, and have set out to ensure that you and everybody on that boat has a good time by the time they get back home.

Here is why you should book yourself an Ayana liveaboard holiday.

Professional crew and staff

The crew and staff on a liveaboard boat can make or break your holiday of indulging in your deep-sea diving hobby. Ayana hotels understand this and for that reason, their boats are manned by hotel staff who are well trained in customer service and are also themselves expert divers.

You can be sure that they will be a good source of information and learning about the diving spots in every location that they take you to. With their expertise, you can get certified as a diver on the boat as you will also get the opportunity to practice what you learn as many as five times a day.

Travel when you sleep

After having enjoyed a beautiful day at the numerous diving spots that the boat gets you to, you will also have a lovely night sharing stories with other holiday goers. 

At night while you are resting and sleeping the crew are getting you another diving spot that you will wake up to in the morning. 

Ayana liveaboard holidays ensure that you will spend most of your day enjoying your hobby, which is diving. At night while you can’t dive, you will be transported to the next diving spot for the next day.

Get to the remotest point of the ocean

With a liveaboard, you have the leeway to go as far as possible. An Ayana liveaboard holiday allows you to get to the best diving points in the Indian Ocean. It will not matter how far away from shore it is as you just live comfortably in the boat. All you have to do is get to a new diving spot and take your dive. When you are back up, you can continue catching with your friends or enjoying a good book.

High quality diving spots

On a liveaboard boat, you can get to as many diving points as possible. It is not the number of diving spots you get that matter, but the quality of the diving spots.

Getting onto the Ayana liveaboard boat will have you clicking for minutes while under water. The staff and crew know just the best spots to get to in any season. The diving spots that will show you the best of life under water. You will get to experience much of the marine life under the ocean.

Quality of food and drinks

The Ayana liveaboard boats are manned by professional hotel staff. You will therefore have a professional chef and kitchen staff looking after your meals and health.

The boat is an extension of the hotel and you will enjoy the same services that you could have enjoyed had you stayed on land. You will get a variety of sumptuous foods for every meal that you partake. 

The hotel understands that you need to keep your energy up to effectively participate in the numerous daily dives.

Get a five-star experience on the liveaboard 

Like the five-star hotels it runs, you can expect nothing but the best quality facilities on this boat. The rooms are as comfy as can be with large windows that bring in natural light. Safety of the boat and guests is highly considered. You will also enjoy the convenience of Wi-Fi and large decks that you can relax on when not diving.


An Ayana liveaboard holiday will be an unforgettable experience. You will go into the depths of the Indian Ocean in search of the perfect diving spots and you will definitely not be disappointed.