Custom-built caravans: Constructed to endure

With so many caravan models and brands available, it isn’t easy to choose the best one. If you cannot locate exactly what you want, you might want to consider building your custom caravan. You can make a custom caravan with all the basic features and add many extras to ensure you’re comfortable and stylish. You’ll feel like you have your own home away from home, allowing you to stay on the road for longer.

Lyfe RV’s custom caravans are built from the best materials to provide you with the best experience. The style, size, form, and components can be customised to suit your specific needs. As a perk, you’ll be able to integrate energy-efficient appliances to make your caravan eco-friendly.

Lyfe RV is a caravan builder that strives to build cabins on wheels that are innovative, well-designed, and high quality. Unlike other RVs, most of ours are made by hand rather than on a production line, ensuring the best quality and craftsmanship. Assembling these recreational vehicles is primarily done in warehouses by workers who use basic tools like nails, screws, cuts, and glue.

A caravan’s structural elements must withstand various loads, including the vehicle’s occupants, the furniture, fixtures, and fittings inside, and the dynamic forces associated with the vehicle’s operation. Thus, we select the right materials based on these static and dynamic loads.

We build the walls, ceiling, and floors with a revolutionary, modern construction method called ‘composite sandwich panel.’ A typical wall panel consists primarily of two facings and a rigid foam core. As these panels provide structural support, must handle myriads of loads, and operate in changing weather conditions, the quality of the materials used to make them is critical to overall vehicle performance.

Suppose you intend to journey through the wilderness and various other magnificent landscapes in our stunning country. In that case, you require a caravan that could endure the challenging tracks while remaining strong throughout the journey.

Our caravans, such as the Hybrid Trakker Exp15, are built with the highest quality materials. Additionally, they’re built under the industry’s requirements for on-road and off-road capabilities.

We believe that caravans must be both sensible as well as extravagant. So, they have to be comfortable on all surfaces, even rough ones.

Throughout our existence, we will make your caravan-owning dreams come true. No matter what you desire or wish to have in your caravan, we will do our best to make this happen..

All caravans customised by us are unique and one of a kind. Each van is specially equipped with specific tools, components, decorations, and deluxe to fit the customer’s requirements.

Whether you want a family van, an off-road camper, a small caravan, or a pop-top, Lyfe RV can custom design and build the perfect model for your needs. We have a variety of caravans for sale, which you can browse through to gain inspiration.