Does Travel Loans help Open up New Horizons?

Travel does much more than offer up an occasional change of scenery. Travelling can have profound psychological effects on your mind. It can change the way your brain processes information, help you face blocked feelings, and better equip you to deal with unfamiliar settings.

Psychologists have studied both the short-term and long-term effects of travel. They have found that travel may change our attitude for the better. Even when we come back to our home and our old life, we retain the changes we underwent on our journeys.

Source: SME Futures

Below are 6 significant ways in which travel remolds our minds:

  • Makes you more creative: Putting a few miles between you and your regular life is so powerful that, as Vogue has reported, “even the suggestion of distance can open you up to more creative thinking.” In a study conducted at Indiana University, researchers found that when people were told a particular puzzle came from abroad, they solved it faster. If the puzzle was “locally created”, the performance dropped. Even the mere notion of a foreign land nudges our brain towards better performance. Another study, this time from the fashion industry, found that people who spend time abroad come up with more creative designs with greater frequency. So the next time your boss frowns on your vacation, tell him your trip will actually benefit his business as well. If thinking about travel is giving you creative ideas – What if you went surfing in Australia? Or paragliding in Dubai? – don’t quash your creativity. If you’re worried about the price tag that comes with travelling – don’t be. Vacation loans with attractive personal loan interest rates can be your answer. On Finserv MARKETSyou can now avail travel loans of up to Rs. 25 lakhs to cover any and all costs you incur on your adventure. With the added benefit of flexible repayment tenures and no collateral required, you can rest assured that you spend only what you can afford.
  • Decreases your stress levels: A study found that 80% of people feel significantly less stressed after 2 days of traveling. The first day of going to a new place and settling in can be a little stressful – but the new stimulation and a sense of adventure quickly replaces that. For some time, you don’t have deadlines and responsibilities to think about. This time-out from your regular life is actually what allows you to better execute your responsibilities when you return. Travel reduces your cortisol levels and improves your defenses against major diseases. A Heart Study found that frequent travelers – that is, men and women who travel at least twice a year – are far less likely to develop coronary heart disease than their counterparts. So the next time your heart wants to travel, don’t ignore it. It will actually improve your heart’s health – and your overall well-being.
  • Makes you mentally tougher: When you travel, you visit different parts of the world that have different customs, social expectations, laws, weather, etc. Adapting to all these differences will help you grow more resilient. Travel forces you to not react in a knee-jerk manner – it encourages you to take in all the information and formulate a practical response. You may have to figure out the route from one town to another that only has a weekly bus service. Your phone may not get network, therefore making you seek guidance and make friends with the local population. Traveling makes you tougher by throwing a lot of mini-challenges at you.
  • Improves Your Relationships: US Travel has found that couples who travel together are better communicators, are more likely to think they share similar interests, and are more likely to report that “romance is still alive in their relationship.” Every long-term couple eventually faces the problem of boredom. You have explored the person inside out – and a rut has started setting in. Travel comes in handy in such situations. Therefore, travel helps you fall in love not just with new places, but reignites a connection with your significant other as well.

Travelling is a tried and tested method of opening up newer horizons and completely changing your worldview. However, travelling may require you to loosen your purse strings. In fact, travelling to new and exotic destinations won’t be light on the pocket. This is where a personal loan for travel comes in.

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