Essential Opportunities in Odessa Tours

Almost all of Odessa’s beaches are sandy, most of them bulk, that is, created artificially. Perhaps, for this reason, Odessa beaches seem ideal: in few places you can find such gentle fine sand as here. Here are some parts and importance in the Odessa tours.

Lovers of wild beaches will also not be disappointed 

On the Odessa coast there are a great many pristine sandy islands hiding under cliffs. Usually here, unlike city beaches, where music plays from dawn to dusk non-stop, it is quiet and not so crowded.

It is worth noting that in Odessa there is the so-called “Health Track” a coastal asphalt pedestrian road 6 km long, the movement of cars on which is prohibited. By the way, Odessa “Health Track” is an ideal place for cycling.

Housing in Odessa for every taste

In Odessa, any tourist can easily find their own accommodation to their taste: from a comfortable hotel to an ordinary tent, which can be easily bought in a coastal shop. Luxury lovers and lovers of unrivaled comfort are advised to consider the chic Grand Pettine, Frederic Koklen Boutique Hotel, La Gioconda. First-class service, royal rooms, gourmet restaurants all this will be available to you if you stay at one of these expensive luxury hotels. Believe me, you are unlikely to regret the amount spent, because this three hotels is the best that Odessa can offer you.

  • If you want to relax with health benefits, be sure to choose one of the Odessa medical sanatoriums on the territory of which cottages are located. In such cottages it is very convenient to relax with the whole family. The best sanatoriums are considered to be Odessa, Lermontovsky, and White Acacia. Here you will be offered many medical procedures, consultations of doctors and a good rest you can enjoy plenty of fun, improve your health, exercise and enjoy the sun.
  • If you like spontaneity, you can rent an apartment immediately upon arrival in Odessa. Well, if you are from the army of extreme vacationers, feel free to join the ranks of the “savage” squad, who prefer to spend the night in tents or cars, finding special romance in this.

Restaurants, bars and cafes of Odessa

In Odessa, you can visit restaurants, cafes and bars at any time of the day or night, because many of them work until the last visitor, or even until the morning. Here are represented Ukrainian, European, Asian and Russian cuisines.

If you decide to taste the national cuisine of Ukraine, then go straight to the Ukrainian Gourmet restaurant, which is considered one of the best institutions in the country. In this cozy place you will be offered excellent dishes prepared according to traditional home-made Ukrainian recipes, and excellent home-made wine.