Excursions In Zanzibar

The most interesting excursions in Zanzibar and the unique attractions of the island that delight tourists. The cost of excursions and everything you need to know when traveling to Zanzibar! Here are the tips to make an Excursion in Zanzibar.

Should I limit myself to the route: hotel-beach-cafe, if there are so many interesting things in Zanzibar? What do you need to see to gain experience, make photos and tell all your friends about it?

If you have already decided that Zanzibar is the best place on earth for your next vacation, you bought a snorkeling mask, an underwater camera, and a new selfie stick, then you have to think about your leisure time very little.

Because programs like “I will sculpt crocodiles from the sand on the beach and show other tourists how I can jump a bomb” usually completely exhaust themselves in three to four days.

After all, most of them are thought out so that guests of the island can not only inspect something unusual but also relax, try something tasty, go for a swim.

Where to go on a tour first?

The choice of excursions in Zanzibar is quite extensive, so you need to proceed from personal preferences and interests.

You can find something suitable for yourself, even if you always fall asleep in museums to the voice of a guide or pass out at the sight of any wild animal.

Familiarity with local history and culture

  • The narrow winding streets of Stone Town with the ruins of ancient palaces, mosques, the country’s first Anglican cathedral, ancient Persian baths, amazing powerful carved doors.
  • Caves in which slave traders hid slaves captured on the mainland and prepared for export.
  • Spice plantations, which for many years have been the basis of the economy of Zanzibar, seaweed farms, fishing villages and much more.

Just imagine: you are at home, there is snow all around or at least rain with wind, and you and your friends or a loved one go to a cafe, order a portion of mulled wine and casually drop: “And where I wonder, do they have cinnamon?

I’ve seen a cinnamon plantation in Zanzibar, there it is so looked after, you can’t imagine … ” Everything, for the next hour you are in your company – the most intelligent, enlightened and the king of travelers!

The beauty of local nature

Zanzibar is still Africa and the coast of the Indian Ocean. So there is no shortage of the jungle and its inhabitants, coral reefs and various marine life, wonderful romantic landscapes and other magnificence.

Prison Island with the ruins of an ancient prison, where giant land turtles of very respectable age now live.

The wisdom of these animals is obvious because they never give up treats and photographing with tourists.

Joani Forest is a nature reserve where a huge number of red colobus live – rare monkeys that are more frivolous than turtles and tourists ignore, but it is very interesting to watch them.

Chube Island is an unspoiled coral reef with all its inhabitants including rare species of animals.

Reef Boribi, where you can enjoy diving to a depth of 30 m.

And if you prefer not to go anywhere, not to consider anything and not to dive anywhere, but just enjoy the local romance – and preferably sitting or lying, you can go on a boat trip – in the afternoon or at sunset.

This is an unforgettable sight!

Excursions from Zanzibar to the mainland

The opportunity to go on such a trip from Zanzibar is a huge advantage of the island.

You can wake up in a hotel on the ocean, have breakfast, looking at the waves and fishermen, and immediately go to the depths of the African continent on a safari or make the climb to Kilimanjaro.

Usually, such a tour takes several days, it is most convenient to send tourists to the mainland by plane.

Where to buy excursions?

Everyone who at least once left the borders of their city for a spa vacation knows that excursions to various interesting places can be bought in several ways.

Not only the cost of excursions but also the level of services will depend on this. Zanzibar is no exception.

Travel agency

If you are the embodiment of forethought and a month before your vacation you know in which hotel you will rest, how many meters from your bungalow to the beach.

And you know how much the NyamaaNdizi dish costs in the nearest restaurant – book excursions through a travel agency or an operator’s tour of Tanzania.

After returning, you are likely to write reviews about your vacation, and the company is interested in making them good – its reputation with customers depends on it.

On the beach

A piece of paper drawn up by a merchant may turn out to be a ticket for an excursion, or it may be an ordinary piece of paper with which you will wind up circles for a long time in an agreed place, trying to find a non-existent transport.

The promised luxury yacht may not arrive for your tourist highness, but it may turn out to be a rusty motorboat.

An excursion from Zanzibar to the mainland, bought by your neighbor on the beach with a black guy, may turn out to be ideal, and yours, the same in three days, will be a complete disaster! But it can be vice versa, that’s all the beauty!

These methods work regardless of whether you need an excursion from Zanzibar to Kilimanjaro, a boat trip on a yacht to a fishing village or a trip to the Stone Town.

Buying tours of the island of Zanzibar or to mainland Tanzania, if you know English is equally simple. The difference is only in how much they cost and, accordingly, in the level of services.

An excursion from Zanzibar to the mainland along with a safari can take from 2-3 days to two weeks. Therefore, it is better to plan it before sending it on vacation.

Tips of experienced travelers

For the excursions to bring you only a pleasant experience, you need to know:

Dolphin tours usually start very early: usually at 7 in the morning.

This is because by lunchtime the water on the surface of the ocean heats up and the dolphins go deep.

Therefore, you should not look for a tour that begins later – otherwise, you can just ride and not see dolphins.

Be sure to take sunscreens and hats for excursions.

Do not forget to clarify what is included in the price of the tour.

Otherwise, buying a cheaper trip and rejoicing in your frugality, you may find that the price does not include meals and overnight.

Or maybe – also a transfer to the place of excursion and back, which can cost more than the services of a guide and entrance ticket.

A one-day safari tour to Tanzania is money thrown away.

You will reach your destination when the animals enjoy an afternoon nap. And you will see them only if they are lying on your road.