Exhibition With The Best Format

There are now more and more trade fairs. As an SME, it can be extremely beneficial to attend a trade fair for a number of reasons. Discover here all the advantages that you can benefit from by participating in any fair, and by directly exhibiting your activity. For Anuga this is most essential.


New customers are essential to the development of your business, and this is one of the main reasons for attending a trade fair. Over several days, your company will be able to meet a large number of potential customers, whether French or foreign. You should know that a trade fair is the ideal opportunity to develop internationally.

Promote New Products or Services

The show is also the perfect place to show off your latest products. Indeed, the media are present at the shows, and this is excellent publicity for an SME. Obviously, you are not going to be the only company to offer new products, but put the odds in your favor with animations on your stand to attract attention.

Establish Partnerships

The Anuga exhibition is also an opportunity to bring together people from the same sector in the same place. Thus, it is the ideal opportunity to create new partnerships for you and thus develop the activity of your company. Partnerships can be created both nationally and internationally, and this is not negligible.

Take Information about Your Industry

Note also that participating in a trade show is an opportunity not only to develop your turnover, but also to discover what your competitors have to offer. Thus, you will be able to discover what companies in the same sector of activity offer you abroad for example. It is a real source of information that could also bring you new ideas for your future products.

Develop the Notoriety and Brand Image of Your Brand

Obviously, and you must be sure, participating in a trade show will allow you to present your company and your activity. So, this is a great way to communicate, but remember that you have to convey a good image and do everything to get attention. To this effect, think about the advertising signage: Roll up, kakemono, umbrella stand and others will improve the visibility of your stand.

Preferred Stand Locations in a Trade Fair

Certain locations are to be preferred because of their visibility, which turns out to be much better. These locations will be more exposed to passing crowds and therefore more likely to make sales. It’s about:

  • From the central aisle, it is the most frequented, however it is difficult to get a seat there if you are not a major exhibitor or a former exhibitor,
  • At the crossroads of the show, they reach more audiences and generate a flow of visitors,
  • Near the toilets, because it is a visible passageway where there is always traffic,
  • The area around the bar, this is a transient area and friendly, despite the constant noise,
  • Next to a big brand, if your industry is the same: however, be careful with the configuration of this leader, because it can happen that your location is obscured by one of the partitions of their booth.

Note: if your means allow it, another visibility solution is to disseminate other small stands in the show. You will not always have the choice of your stand, but to maximize your chances, anticipate your reservation. The more stands still available, the more you are entitled to demand a prime location from the organizer.