Famous islands to visit around Port Blair

Andaman and Nicobar are one of the most beautiful Indian archipelagos. The beauty of this place is breathtaking. It is not just about the beaches and the sea, this place has a large variety of things in its store which is worth watching. This place has a history of its own that people should know.

There are a lot of options to reach Port Blair from different parts of the country. People can avail of both flights and ships to enter this place. However, it is always suggested to take Delhi to Port Blair Flights for a comfortable journey rather than traveling by sea.

Since it is an archipelago, there are a lot of islands. Travelers cannot visit all of them due to various reasons. Some of the famous islands that are safe for tourists are as follows:

    1. Ross Island: This island was earlier known as the Paris of East. But due to a devastating earthquake, it lost all its glory. Now only the remnants of past are present here. However, it is still a place to check the rich Indian history.
    2. Neil Island: Another very famous island of the Andaman is Neil Island wherein you can indulge in fantastic water sports. The bright blue sky and the beautiful blue sea is enough to make you fall for this island as you step on the shore.
    3. Havelock Island: This island is one of the most famous islands of Andaman. It is known for its fantastic water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Travelers can easily indulge themselves in these water sports and enjoy the underwater life. 
    4. Barren Island – The place is a place of active volcanoes. It is named Barren Island as no human being resides here. There are a lot of local sightseeing places which you can visit when you reach this place. You can also see a lot of animals on your tour on this island.


  • Jolly Bouy Island – This island is famous for its no-plastic zone. The beauty of this island is on its beaches. The water here is crystal clear that makes for a mesmerizing view!  


  1. Cinque Island – This place is divided into two different parts, i.e., North and South Cinque Island. It is famous for its fantastic water adventures and underwater diving. The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National park is situated on this island.
  2. Red skin Island -This Island is famous all over the world for various reasons. The beauty of this island is enough to leave the travelers speechless. The travelers can visit a lot of captivating sights, which will leave them awestruck.

These islands are safe for tourists and they are fully guided. The water sports are also conducted under the strict surveillance of the experts. Visit now for an unforgettable time!