Gift ideas for friends and family with international roots

If you’ve got friends and family who were born in a different country or have foreign blood in them, buying them something that honors their homeland could be a good idea. Sure, you’ll need to be culturally sensitive and do your research, but thinking outside of the box is a great way to really put a smile on their face, and make them feel closer to their home. Below we have rounded up a few great gift ideas for friends and family with international roots…

Irish jewelry


An incredible 10% of American citizens claim to have Irish heritage. If you’re looking for a gift idea for an Irish family member, consider a Celtic cross necklace, which is not only stunning to look at but harks back to their roots. What’s more, brands like Celtic Cross Online make all of their Irish Celtic cross jewelry by hand from their store in the heart of Dublin and ensure it’s hallmarked at the Irish Assay Office in Dublin Castle, which adds an air of authenticity.

British food boxes


If you’ve got a friend who used to live in the United Kingdom, the chances are that they’re always complaining about the state of American chocolate and how difficult it is to get hold of a good cup of tea. Why not buy them a British food box packed with classics like tea and biscuits, chocolate, crisps (that’s chips to you and me), and sweeties? You can make it fun by forcing them to share the food box with you and your friends – turn it into a food taste test!

Jamaican Sorrel and Tea


For those who came from Jamaica, consider buying some authentic teas and sorrel leaves which can be used to make the delicious sorrel drink – a Christmas staple. Sorrel is a drink that’s brewed with ginger and pimento spice, and more often than not, a dash of white rum is added to give it that extra kick. It’s a must-have at the Jamaican Christmas table, but it can be enjoyed all year round. Once again, if you buy this for your Jamaican friend, you can be cheeky and ask them to prepare you a cup; once you’ve tasted it, you’ll want it every year!

Buy them a koala


We’re not suggesting that you head out into the Aussie outback and capture a koala bear to bring back to the United States, but we are saying that you can offer a piece of Australia to your friends from Down Under. By adopting a cuddly koala, you can help to care for these gentle creatures, who have struggled a great deal in 2020 because of the country’s wildfires. The best part is that, when you adopt a joey, adult, wild koala, or mum and joey, you will receive a personalized certificate, a photo of your koala, stickers, and more, and your loved one will know that they’ve got a piece of Australia to call their own, even if they’re in the US.

We hope that these gift ideas have offered you some inspiration. Check back soon for more.