Guide before traveling to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful city, in which you will love to know beautiful places because you should know that Puerto Vallarta is not only a place to visit beaches and sun bathing, there are many more activities you can do, and for this, you must take into account the following points:


The climate of Puerto Vallarta is hot, so before traveling, you have to for see the seasons in which you will visit the city, this will depend on each of the activities you do during your visit to the town.

Although we mentioned above that the temperature in Puerto Vallarta is warm, not all seasons are ideal for various activities, such as sky diving, underwater activities, and walks in natural parks. Before traveling, consult everything about the week in which you will visit. Weather forecasts will be an essential tool for every activity you want to do, so you know if the day will be favorable or not.

Nearby Sites

Visiting the nearby sites will always be one of the activities that the best experiences will leave behind. Because Puerto Vallarta is a great city, however, the activities around the city are incredible.

Some of the activities you will be able to do near the city are the following

ATV trips around the outskirts of the town

These will be the activities that you will enjoy during your stay in the city because besides knowing a wild place full of more than 200 species of plants and local animals, you will be able to have fun with an all-terrain vehicle in the surroundings. This activity is ideal for the whole family.

Visit the aquariums

The marine life is so abundant in the beaches of Puerto Vallarta that you will not be able to enjoy it only in the depths of the sea. Still, you will be ready to visit the near by aquariums of the city, where you will have incredible adventures, and at the same time, you will earn about the habitat of each one of the species of the place!

(some of these places have interaction sites, dolphins, fish, turtles, and mollusks will be some of the creatures with which you can live).

Children will love this experience.

Meet the Marietas Islands

Islas Marietas is a place where you will love to be; this is considered a world heritage site since 2005, so it is sheltered and can only enter about 116 people a day, and the boats that come to the islands can not move more than 14 people!

Prepare what you need to travel to this destination.

 Puerto Vallarta offers an endless number of activities for which you will love to know you will be able to know different areas. For example, the beaches of the city are different in their to tality, the reason why you will have to wear special shoes to walk by stonelands.

You will also have to prevent different situations if you want to travel outside the city, such as your Car Rental service and acquiring you rent rance tickets to the attractions of the city in advance.

Enjoy your trip to Puerto Vallarta and get to know the most beautiful places you have ever imagined by taking into account the above tips.