How to live like a king whilst out on the road

While travelling in a camper van is an affordable way to travel and explore, it can still be as luxurious as you choose. In this blog, we are going to investigate how to live like a king whilst out on the road. 

Get the essentials

To make your trip truly memorable consider buying or renting some of the following to enhance your trip:

  • Bike racks
  • Portable toilet
  • Roof bars 
  • Tent
  • Awning Room

Plan Your Trip

This may seem obvious, but planning your trip carefully is essential to ensure a smooth-running break. How does this relate to living like a king? Well, if you find yourself in the back alley of nowhere with no direction or itinerary, could you be said to be living like a king? The answer is of course, no. 

To save yourself heaps of time and immense amounts of unnecessary stress, ensure that you plan out your route before you leave. If, however, you would like to be spontaneous, destination-wise, that’s great, but you will still need to plan the length and vague direction in order to be sure of what type of clothes to take, how much cash you’ll need and vaguely where the next available stop is.

Pack Like A Pro

Leading on from my previous point, make sure you have the right things with you –  clothes (comfortable loungewear and maybe a more dressed up outfit or too to prepare you for all occasions), toiletries, spare items, essentials and most importantly for this subject – comfort items. Now, don’t go trying to pack your entire cushion and blanket collection, but don’t be stingy either. 

It’s important to try to save space, whilst maintaining a level of luxury and comfort, right? Choose your most lightweight comfort items – a fluffy blanket which can roll up really tightly, an eye-mask and maybe even ear plugs to help with sleep, why not also bring along a few face masks and other small pamper items to ensure you remain relaxed and calm during your trip. 

Other items that can really enhance your trip might be:

  • Ipad / Laptop
  • Camera
  • Heater / Fan
  • Your favourite snacks
  • Some books to read

Choose Your Ride Carefully

There are a range of camper vans available to suit everyone’s needs, whether it’s a big family getaway,a romantic trip for two or a rural vacation among friends. Think about what sort of terrain you intend to be crossing, the weather, how many people you intend to take and what level of comfort you desire. 

Of course, you can scrimp and opt for a low-budget camper with minimal room and facilities or you can splurge on a spaceship looking mega-bus and attempt to control it across country, or you can find the perfect middle. The VW California offers luxurious upholstery and fittings which are neatly and efficient spaced in a design compact enough to drive around cities whilst also giving you sleeping comfort, an elevated roof, shades and beds.Invest in lifelong memories and make your trip unforgettable by living like a king, whilst out on the road.