How to Make your Self Catering Holiday a Breeze

Holidays are such an important part of modern life, we all work hard throughout the year for that little break from reality. Self-catered holidays are on the rise, as they give you the chance to experience and try a new way of living for a short time. Perhaps you need to escape the busy city life and run away to the rolling hills and countryside for some well needed (and deserved) R&R. 

Self catering Aberdovey offers endless opportunities to do something different and it doesn’t start and end with the accommodation. It’s a great place to base your Aberdovey adventures from, take some time away from modern life commitments and enjoy the simpler pleasures, such as spending time with loved ones. 

With a bit of planning and thought before you start up the car and get going, you can ensure that you’ve got everything you need to have fun whatever happens. Here are some tips on how to make your self-catered holiday a great one. 

Cook Books

Self-catered accommodation usually comes with a fully equipped kitchen; so if you enjoy cooking this can be a wonderful opportunity to create something tasty and delicious. Enjoying a special dinner, made from local produce has got to be one for the to-do-list. If the weather is on your side, why not take the meal outside and take in the view whilst you eat?

Rainy Day Ideas

Now, we don’t want to be pessimistic, but we do live in the UK. Being prepared for unexpected rainy days is essential. Bring all the wet weather gear you’ll need, outdoor clothing and footwear for sure. Also have a few indoor activities up your sleeve to keep everyone entertained in the wet weather, or find some indoor activities you can go and do as a family nearby.

Picnic Basket

This is just an iconic holiday accessory. Packing a lovely picnic and heading out for a day of exploring the local area, what could be better? This will save you money on eating out all the time, and can be a fun way to get the kids involved in helping out. 

Time to Relax

Stereotypically, women like to have a good pamper every now and again (gents can also really enjoy this!), so finding the nearest spa for a sneaky afternoon getaway can be a perfect way to spend a few hours. However, you can always take the pampering stuff with you, treat yourself or your partner to a romantic pampering session – make the time to have a relaxing bath or to do a few of those beauty treatments you’ve been thinking about. 


You might have booked holiday accommodation that comes with a full Sky package, or you might need to think about taking some good films with you to pass the time. Why not take some board games with you as well, nothing says family bonding like Scrabble or Monopoly! You can even take some outdoor games and have a little tournament with a prize for the winner. 

Beach/Pool Towels

If you’re staying anywhere near to the sea or a pool, make sure you have all the gear. This includes towels, buckets and spades, frisbee, coolbox, parasol, deck chairs and maybe some inflatables.

Portable BBQ

It’s the little pleasures in life that make it worth it – like having a morning BBQ on the beach watching the sunrise, or having an evening BBQ, watching the sunset. Throw in some campfire guitar vibes and you’ve got a recipe for success. 

Don’t Waste Time

Plan your arrival at the accommodation, so that you can hit the ground running. Don’t waste the precious time you’ve got, make the most of every single second. If relaxation is the goal, start running that bath and jump right on in; or if a jam-packed family activity holiday is on the cards then make sure the bike tires are pumped and ready to go!