How To Organize Jewelry For A Trip


Many people believe that an outfit can only be complete with the right jewelry. However, it is easy enough to organize your jewelry at home but not when you are travelling. It is crucial to have a travel jewelry case to avoid misplacing or losing the back of the favorite stud earrings. Jewelry must be properly organized to keep the delicate pieces secure and untangled. 

The best jewelry cases

Frequent travelers will tell you that the best jewelry case is lightweight and won’t require a lot space in the purse or carry-on. The most ideal size of the jewelry case is 5” x 7” to easily carry the valuables. It must include the following:

  • Necklace pouch that can store necklaces of different sizes with hooks to prevent tangles
  • Separate bars for earrings and rings to save them from scratches and keep them clean and shiny
  • Bracelet pockets for bracelets, bangles and watches of all sizes
  • Magnetic snap access for easy removal of jewelry that you intend to use for the day
  • Extra pockets or compartments for everything else
  • Soft exterior and zip enclosure for safety
  • Functional without compromising aesthetics

There are different types of travel jewelry cases that will ensure the safety of your jewelries. A jewelry roll has satin ribbons that can be tied up or hook and loop enclosures that are hidden under a self-flap. The jewelry roll is a favorite choice for travelers because it is easy enough to pack and can accommodate a wide variety of jewelries. However, it is generally soft-sided and does not provide much in terms of protection. 

Zippered jewelry cases as the name implies has a zipper instead of satin ribbons or clasps. It is more secure and works well for traveling. It comes in different designs and styles to suit various tastes and lifestyles. 

How to pack your jewelry

The type of jewelry that you can bring to your trip will depend on your scheduled activities and the weather in your destination. If you have plans to hike up a mountain trail or rent a bicycle to explore the great outdoors, avoid metals that will react to perspiration because of its nickel content like gold and silver. If you can’t survive without jewelry, stick to those made from stainless steel. 

Pack only a few valuables that can be interchangeably used like a pair of studs, a pair of dangling earrings, a ring or a bracelet. A good option would be to bring a long silver chain with different pendants depending on the length of the trip and the number of activities that you plan to join. Pack only the jewelry that you intend to wear and leave the rest at home particularly the irreplaceable pieces. 

Travelling with expensive jewelry can be risky and will prevent you from enjoying the day’s activities. You will be devastated if you lose one or two pieces. Investing in a high-quality travel jewelry case is a small price to pay to keep your valuables safe and secure at all times.