How to Travel Singapore in Budget?

Talk about visiting Singapore and the first thing that comes to any tourist’s mind is that it is an expensive country. Let me break the myth- You can always travel to Singapore in Budget if you plan. No brownies for that. Now, how to travel to Singapore in Budget is a question that needs to be addressed. So, here’s a quick guide that gives you an idea on how you can travel Singapore in budget while making the best of your visit.

To give you an idea of the minimum cost you’ll incur- take it to be $60 to USD 70 per day, which includes exploring the town, eating and living in inexpensive accommodations. For a better experience, you would want to spend $ 90 to USD 100 per day. Your accommodation and alcohol are going to be two of the most expensive spends. Keep these in check, and you will not have much to worry about your expenses much.

Here’s a Quick Read to Tell You How to Travel to Singapore in Budget

Drink that Tap Water

Yes, you read that right! Tap water in Singapore is safe to drink. Will save you lots because a bottle of water can cost you around USD 2. Carry your bottle wherever you go and refill it whenever you need it.

Buy a CEPAZ/EZ Link Card

Buy Singapore’s excellent transportation card upon arrival. It will save you a lot of your money. An EZ-link card costs around USD 12, which includes $ 7 worth of credit. Buying this card will also save your time of standing in queues for your tickets at MRT stations. You can use this card on the LRT and MRT trains, along with the excellent public bus system. The best part about this EZ-Link card is that you pay only for the distance travelled, rather than a flat fare.

Buy an International SIM card

Avert paying high roaming charges on your Indian number. Consder switching to Singapore SIM card which saves you up to 80% of your roaming bills. You can also go for local SIM cards.

Keep Away from Singapore Tourist Pass

Just avoid Singapore Tourist Pass which feels similar to the EZ-Link card, as these passes aren’t cheap. You will have to shell out USD 10 per day plus an additional USD 10 is charged which is refunded, only after you return the card. To break even your cost of travel with an EZ-Link card, you will have to take four or five rides on the MRT per day just to break even! Certainly not recommended as you would want to explore the place by walking around the sights, exploring malls and world class museums.

Eat in Food Halls

Eating in food courts, food halls, and hawker street stalls will not only save your money but is also an essential aspect of Singapore travel, which you must experience. And talking about the taste, they taste even better than the posh malls and standalone centres at the bottom of the skyscrapers. Singapore is known for best street food around the world.

Say No to Smoking and Drinking

Curbing the temptation of smoking and drinking will put you in a very good place with regards to money. Blame it on the heavy taxation, a packet of Marlboro cigarettes will cost you more than USD 13. Drinking too is pretty expensive here and is sure to burn your pocket.

You’ll be fined for doing these

  • Not using marked crosswalks.
  • Not wearing seatbelts when in a car and using a mobile phone while driving/riding.
  • Riding a bike on pedestrian-only paths, especially near the river.
  • Chewing gum, snacks, and drinks on the MRT trains or public transportation.
  • Electronic cigarettes and vaping.
  • Failing to flush a public toilet.
  • Feeding pigeons in the park.