Is Komodo Island Worth Visiting?

Many people know the island as the home of the last living dragon lizard but Komodo has so much more to offer in terms of recreation and adventure. From the picturesque pink sandy beaches that are unique to the area to the scintillating sunsets, multiple diving sites to the vibrant local culture.

A trip to the world-famous dragon island is a lifetime opportunity that only the most adventurous and lucky few get to enjoy. Always overlooked or feared by most visitors to the Indonesian archipelago, Komodo Island is quite an interesting place to visit. Here are some of the things you might enjoy if you happen to visit the island while in Indonesia:

See the Last Living Dragon- The Komodo Lizard

They are large, fast, and potentially scary if you don’t like large land-crawling reptiles, but the Komodo lizard is worth seeing. These are the only living giant lizard that grow to several feet in length and they co-exist with the two thousand or so people who have occupied the Island for thousands of years.  The Komodo lizard is a big attraction for most visitors to the island. 

There are about 4000 living Komodo lizards spread across Gili Motang, Rinca, Komodo, and Flores. You won’t have to go too far into the island to see these lizards because they are in the expansive Komodo National Park and surrounding islands. Being an endangered species, the local government and international organizations are quite protective of them so be careful when around them.

Komodo Is Famous for Diving

It might have been named after the famous giant lizard but Komodo island is famous for its diving sites. Chances that you will go diving in Komodo island as part of a cruise or liveaboard are quite high even if you have little interest in the giant lizards. Don’t worry, you will not encounter the lizards around the main diving sites as their movement is closely monitored. 

Here are some of the best diving sites in and around this world-famous island and what they have to offer:

  • Yellow Wall Diving Site

This beautiful diving site is located on the Southern Side of Rinca and is known for its bright yellow marine ecosystem. There is so much to see that you will need an entire day of diving to explore the entire diving area. There are both small and large fish, turtles, beautifully formed coral reefs, and crystal-clear waters to enjoy. 

  • Castle Rock Diving Point

To the north of Komodo is Castle Rock, another must-visit diving site in one of the minor islands surrounding Komodo. Here you can dive and get to swim alongside barracuda, surgeon, some dolphins, and some harmless shark varieties. Castle Rock got its name because of the Castle-like reef formation and the number of species swimming in its water. Most diving itineraries will include Castle rock as one of the main attractions. 

  • Manta Alley

If you’ve never heard or been up-close with the famous manta ray, then you might be in for a treat. Manta alley is one of the most visited diving spots in Komodo and for a good reason. Here you will get to enjoy a thirty-meter dive into a marine ecosystem mostly full of beautifully formed corals and rocks. The manta ray is a curious fish that likes to get close to divers for a visual inspection before it scampers away on its adventures. There are fish species there as well besides the large manta ray including barracuda and parrotfish. 

  • Batu Bolong 

This diving site might look ordinary from the top but there is plenty to see and explore underwater if you are more adventurous. It’s located just a short distance off the coast of Komodo and Tatawa island and is often part of Komodo island liveaboard itineraries. This is perhaps, one of the most interesting diving sites around Komodo because of the number of fish and deep waters. 

There is a lot more to enjoy while in Komodo including the unique beaches and national park that is home to thousands of species. Visiting Komodo is definitely a bucket list item for most travelers and adventure seekers.