Kid-friendly activities that are suitable for your kids during vacations.

As parents, our kid’s happiness is always a top priority and considering the school holidays are already around the corner, parents are already looking for activities that will keep them entertained and teach them a few skills here and there throughout their vacation. Ideally, these activities should be done as a family to strengthen the bond and share the experiences however depending on your professional commitments you can have other adults accompany them to the activities which you have settled on. All in all, these activities should not pose any risks of injury to the kids and if so adult supervision protective wear should be insisted.  A few  safe activities during the school holidays from which parent can choose from include;

Visiting the zoo.

Zoo visitation can make good fun and educative experience which families can share especially with kids under the age of 10. The zookeepers will teach kids about various animal behaviors their habitats etc. and they may let the kids get close to harmless animals and take pictures with them.

Horse and bike riding.

There are specially designed parks with safe tracks for bike riding and horseback riding which families can do together. Beginners can be trained on how to ride bicycles or horses depending on their interests however children should always wear helmets and other protective gear when riding on the tracks.

Attending cooking classes.

Just like adults, some kids enjoy cooking and are looking forward to learning and try out new recipes. Both parents and their kids can attend these classes and learn various recipes before they make these new meals which they have learned. Furthermore, cooking competitions can be arranged to see which children come up with the best meals and in the end, they get to enjoy their meal.

Visiting art galleries.

Art can be very inspiring to these young kids expanding their imagination and molding young artists into talented young individuals. Kids get the chance to immerse themselves into this creative world of art, take photographs with various works that they like which if fun as it is educative. The paintings and sculptures which they see may become an inspiration to some and with commitment and discipline, a new artist can be born from it.


Parents and kids can decide to go either the beach or swimming pools that have however for safety you should consider those which have lifeguards for emergencies. The kids should have inflated floaters to keep them from sinking and should be within reach of their parents especially on coastline beaches. Swimming pools usually have especially designed pools with standardized depth for kids however they should be given floating gear if they are to swim in the adult area.


There are various safe camping sites where parents can choose to take their kids for a camping experience and show them a few survival skills for use in the wild.  Skills such as pitching a tent, lighting a fire, hunting for food, calling out for help among others can be very beneficial in the future in the event one finds him/herself lost in the woods in the future.