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It is also, during a tourist circuit, the opportunity to be driven by a driver who knows the roads and tourist routes of the targeted region: Provence wine route, D-Day landing beaches, stay in Italy, travel wedding, etc.

  • Which model of bus / coach / minibus for your group?
  • Which model of minibus to choose for group coach rental?

But then which vehicle model to choose? Should we ask for the rental of a coach for 10 people or would a minibus be sufficient? Partner carriers allow travel for all groups, from 5 or 8 seater van, 9 to 25 seaterminibus to 35 to 70 seater grand touring coach. Rental platforms make it possible to find a vehicle adapted to your requests, depending on the workforce and the trip to be made. So everything logically depends on the number of people in your group. The Toronto Party Bus happens to be the best of the lot for you.

Van or mini-bus

For a group of 5 people for example, we prefer a van or a minibus. Renting a minibus will be suitable for a staff of 15 to 20 people, over short distances. Compact, it goes through narrow passages. Note: for a whole class on a school trip, it would be better to rent a group bus with driver and more than 30 seats available.


For larger groups – 40, 50, 60 people – it will be better to hire a group coach as the vehicle is more spacious, equipped with reclining seats and sometimes berths, ideal for traveling long distances and at night.

What are the advantages of renting a coach for a group?


First, renting a group coach or minibus is environmentally friendly because public transport reduces the carbon footprint by taking on one and the same group instead of having several cars on the same trip.


Group coach rental offers flexibility and flexibility since you do not have to worry about the schedules: in the case of a match scheduled in Paris from Lyon – for example – the driver will wait for all the players and none of the players. between them does not risk missing their bus as could be the case when traveling with a national bus company.


No more queues and high public transport costs: renting a privatized bus also makes it possible to optimize the cost of the rental, to travel with your group without stopping at stations to pick up unknown passengers.

  • What is the budget for renting a bus for a group?
  • What is the budget for group minubus rental?

How much does it cost to rent a vehicle for a group? It all depends on the workforce and the type of vehicle. The price for renting a van for a group of 5 people is logically different from that for renting a coach for a group.

First of all, the connection is free. Indicating a price range is very difficult given that the price depends on several parameters: the type of vehicle and the number of passengers, the number of drivers requested for the trip, the duration of the stay, the mileage to be achieved, and the period of the rental.