Reasons for Visiting Bintan Island , Indonesia

Are you thinking of the next travel destination? If so, consider visiting Bintan Island of Indonesia and amazed with what they have to offer for their guests. There are many reasons to visit Bintan Island. Among all the reasons, it is a beautiful tropical island surrounded with the beauty of nature. People are friendly. You will find the best hospitality there.

Bintan is a kid friendly Asian destination for families who love traveling. Kids will love to spend time in kid friendly activities including playing at the beach. Anyway before you travel with your kids plan your kid friendly Bintan itinerary in order to spend the most memorable time in Indonesia. If you don’t know, Bintan is a few hours ferry ride from Singapore.

Here are some other reasons to visit Bintan Island for your next holiday.

Best food

Bintan is home to some fishing communities and the best delicious fresh seafood. Kelong Seafood Restaurant offers the island’s best-grilled fish and enjoys stunning sunsets from the calm Lagoi Bay. After lunch, trendy bars scattered on the beach at night give the island a youthful liveliness. Lagoi Bay has great navigation bars like Terrace Sports Bar and Calypso Floating Bar. So, you are in for good food and fantastic nightlife. Binatn food is unique and not similar to other food choices in other parts of Indonesia. For example if you have been to Batam or Bali, then you will experience the uniqueness of Bintan food.

Dunes – Gurun Pasir Busing

The diversity of landscapes in Indonesia seems endless. You can ignore the desert in all the lush rainforests and untouched tropical beaches. This is precisely what can be found on the mysterious dunes of Gulen-Brasil-Busing. It is a picturesque dune used today as a quarry that now takes you to the magnificent view of the Arabian Nights in yours only, Bintan Island.

Recently, Gurun Pasir Busung has become one of Instagrammer’s favourites, but the dunes are still restricted by people, as the site has not yet shown significant improvement in tourism.

It is easy to find Indonesia’s view of the Sahara Desert because it is adjacent to Jalan Rayabson, but keep in mind that there is no public transport here.

Trikora Beach

You will find Trikora Beach on the east coast of Bintan. Its clear waters and breathtaking beaches are an accessible seaside playground for locals and neighbours in Singapore and Malaysia. Enjoy peace and relaxation in this picturesque setting and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Now you are convinced, right? Then why are you waiting? Pack your luggage and start planning your Bintan holiday!