Reasons To Be Believed To Visit The Oldest Monument Stonehenge

It is very difficult to believe that this man-made circle of unbelievable pre-historic standing stones is one of the most recognized monuments of all time. This place named Stonehenge is most endeared by visitors all around the world. You might just think that this is one kind of marketing trap about that place, but there is something that you need to know more about this place.

The UK is not just about visiting London. There are many other places that are worth seeing and one of them is Stonehenge. It is one such historic place in the countryside of Wiltshire, England which just seems like an assorted series of large rocks. This venue is the oldest monument in the world, about the age of 2000 to 3000 BC. There is no definitive answer to who actually built this Stonehenge but it is worth seeing. For more details on its visit, you can check the website

There are a couple of things that you might need to know before you visit that place:

  • It is one of the oldest monuments that was built way before the Parthenon. These enormous sarsen stones were raised 5000 years ago. As mentioned above it was in 3000 BC. Whereas Parthenon in Greece was built in 500 BC. 
  • No written records or documentaries or theories about this place. The way it was built is still a mystery. It was believed that this place was a burial for very important people. While some say that it was a ritual place and even sick people were brought here for cure with the help of monument powers. 
  • The Bluestones of Stonehenge were believed to be bought over around 280 km from South Wales. It must have involved both boats and ships. The Sarsens used here is weighing around 30 tonnes and seem to have moved from north Wiltshire. Moving such Sarsens would have involved hundreds of people. 
  • There was a legend named Geoffrey of Monmouth who was a British cleric. He was very well known as the chronicle of the History of Kings of Britain. According to him, Stonehenge was built by a wizard named Merlin. This was a story that was popular for centuries. He also claimed that these Stones were healing ones, which were called a Giant dance (because it was bought by giants from Africa to Ireland for their healing properties).
  • There is also Charles Darwin’s study that you need to know. Right before his death, he published The Formation Of Vegetable Mould through the Action Of Worms. He said those large stones were sinking into the ground due to the increasing population of the earthworm. 

This place called Stonehenge not only makes you worth knowing its story but also can give you an experience of GoSky Diving activity, which is just eight miles away from it. There is also a place named Salisbury Cathedral, which you cannot miss visiting. 

You will definitely be glad and satisfied by visiting one of the wonders of the world, which is also a known prehistoric monument here in Europe.