Right Deals For Japan Visits: Look for the Best Suggestions

If there is one expression that characterizes the land of the rising sun, it is this mix between tradition and modernity. A trip to Japan is an unforgettable experience for anyone vacationing there. In Tokyo, don’t miss Asakusa and its gleaming sensoji temple. Let yourself be intoxicated by a sunrise over Mount Fuji. And visiting Kyoto deserves a stay in its own right. So as you visit japan you need to know more.

Places To See In Japan

Unlike other Asian countries where the places to visit are concentrated in a few points, the Japanese archipelago can be visited up and down without getting bored. It’s a place where all these little everyday things make it a unique place. The culture is so different from ours. You don’t have to be a fan of sushi or manga to enjoy this stay. But there is so much to see, and even over 3 weeks you will have to make a choice of places to visit in Japan.

This is why it is important to prepare your itinerary precisely, by selecting the stages and paying attention to the transport times. You will find below a guide by region with all the places to visit.

Tokyo and the Kanto Region

The true economic heart of Japan, the Kanto region is also the most populous. Its international airport drains its daily stream of tourists who inevitably will spend a few days in Tokyo. The Japanese capital cannot leave indifferent as it is full of contrasts.

Skyscrapers sometimes as far as the eye can see rub shoulders with small Shinto shrines, men in 3-piece suits walk alongside women dressed in kimono. The megalopolis surprises and fascinates, its perpetual agitation leads you day after day into new discoveries. Manga lovers are sure to make a pilgrimage to Akihabara, those who prefer shopping will go to Harajuku. For a discovery of a more popular culture, take the time to walk around Shinjuku. And if you fancy a bit of peace, go to Ueno Park, it’s a walk that will certainly appeal to the whole family and especially children.

North of Tokyo, spend a day in Nikko. This place has preserved all its treasures of yesteryear, its Buddhist places of worship, its shrines, its stone lanterns. Do not hesitate to spend a night there, and enjoy the evening in peace, when the flood of tourists has left for the capital.

To the south, take a detour to Yokohama, a very cosmopolitan new city known for its Chinatown. And further down Kamakura is a small seaside resort that is home to more than sixty Zen temples.

Kyoto, Osaka and the Kansai Region

Located just under 3 hours by train from the capital, Kyoto will introduce you to a more traditional face. Note that holders of a Japan Rail Pass can take this trip by Shinkansen. You will really be in the historic heart of the country, the Kansai region has many sites classified as World Heritage by Unesco. It is a must-see destination for all travelers to Japan.

Of course, a few days in this ancient capital under the Edo era is essential. Its many temples and shrines are available to you for unforgettable photo-shoots. You can also admire the most famous zen gardens, such as the ryoan-ji.

If you have time, spend a day in Osaka and another in Nara to visit the deer park. Kyoto can easily be a central point for all these visits, and for the occasion do not hesitate to stay in a ryokan, this purely Japanese establishment. The Kansai is really one of the essentials for a first trip to Japan.