Safety Tips for Visiting a Big City

With the Manhattan real estate market currently booming, you may be considering taking a look for yourself or perhaps just want to spend a day in the big city. When traveling to a bigger city, you may be considering the safety of your trip. Here are a few tips to keep in mind the next time you find yourself traveling.

Buddy Up

If it is possible, bring a friend or group with you. You are less likely to be targeted if you have someone with you. If you are unable to buddy up, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared. Commonly used items such as a shrill alarm or pepper spray can be helpful.

Stay Public

When wandering the city try to stay in places that are well populated. Avoiding empty, dark streets or closed off areas is always a wise choice. It isn’t unusual for others to know the city better than you, especially if it is only your first time visiting.

Be Alert

Always being aware of your surroundings is a good tip to follow all the time. Be sure to not distract yourself by looking down at your phone screen. It is a good idea to have your cell phone put away to avoid distractions and to also prevent it from being stolen.

Avoid Backpacks

If you need to carry items, try to avoid using a backpack. However, if a backpack is absolutely necessary, it is suggested you wear it on the front side of your body. You would be surprised how well those with sticky hands have a way of getting items out of your bag without you even noticing.


Hide all of your valuables or leave them at home when going to a city. If you typically carry a high end purse with you, try to opt for a less expensive bag as thieves have a special talent for spotting those designer bags.

Social Media Can Wait

This tip can be hard to tackle but it’s important. Try not to alert your social media pages where you are visiting and when. Delaying your posts can save you a lot of money and headaches as social media stalkers are not uncommon and can easily threaten you when you tell them exactly where you are.

Dress the Part

Locals can always hint in on who’s a tourist. If you’re traveling to a robust area such as New York City, our first suggestion would be to not wear an “I Love NYC” shirt. Same goes for more country-like settings where more casual or conservative clothing can be seen. The fewer red flags you give off, the less likely it is you will be targeted.