Shirdi beyond spirituality

The town of Shirdi is a hallowed ground and one of the most sacred religious sites of the country, but there’s more to this town than its deep divinity. Sitting in the heart of Maharashtra, Shirdi is the small, laid-back town that is steeped in tradition and heritage, giving you a glimpse into the Marathi culture. Couple it with the rustic surroundings and the raw charm, you can find a lot to see and do in this place, if you seek.

How to travel

Shirdi is well-connected to major cities in the state by road, rail, and airways. Whether you are in Mumbai or flying to Mumbai for Shirdi, the best option is to opt for a convenient Mumbai to Shirdi car rental with an experienced driver for your travel. That way you can make a road trip through the hinterlands of Maharashtra and also keep the car for your local adventures.

Things to do in Shirdi besides pilgrimage

Unwind at the Lendi Baug

Apart from a landmark place of Sai Baba’s history, this enclosed garden is the calmest and greenest patch of the town. Beautifully tended with colorful flowering plants, shrubs, and trees, you can find the much-needed tranquility away from the bustling pilgrims and tourists. There is a lotus pond where birds and ducks frequent in the winters and post-monsoon, making it a cozy place to relax.

Spend a day on the banks of the Godavari

The holy town of Shirdi sits on the banks of the mighty Godavari River, which is considered equally sacred. It also means you can have a great day outdoors. The stony banks surrounded by rolling hills make for a great view. You can also try a coracle ride if available, spend the day strolling down the banks and capturing the rustic beauty.

Take a day trip to Sangamner

Right outside the town of Shirdi, at an hour’s drive, is the quiet community of Sangamner. The town is otherwise popular for historical temples like the Dutt Mandir and Khandoba Mandir. But Sangamner is also home to some major wineries of India. If you are a wine connoisseur, then you are sure to get excited by a trip to Sigma Winery, Cerana Medeary, or Vinchur Wine Park. You could also take a trip to the sparkling Randha Falls nearby during the rainy season and enjoy the fresh surroundings.

Have a family day at the local water park

When traveling with kids, your travel itinerary must include fun activities so they don’t feel left out. And what’s better than a theme park to spend the day at! Wet N Joy Water Park is the most popular and frequented adventure zone in the town. With adventure games and thrilling rides, it’s the best place to be with your family for the day and let your hair down!

Apart from these, you can also plan quick day trips to nearby towns like Aurangabad, at only a couple of hours’ drive. If you are traveling from Pune, then book a reliable cab from Pune to Shirdi, and visit the local nature hotspots on the way, around Narayangaon, or Deolali Camp, or explore the Shingeshwar Mountains, the second-highest mountain of Pune district.