Some of the Best Places to Visit in Croatia: Old Towns & Architecture

If you are thinking of visiting one of the best places in the world, then it is none other than Croatia. You can check out the beautiful houses and apartments in Dalmatia, which are beautiful and juxtaposed, besides other luxury real estate houses. Croatia is 1700km off the coastline and has around 1K+ islands. If you find Croatia boring, then you are wrong there are many activities that you can do while you are in Croatia. If you are a nature lover then there are 8 national parks in Croatia. Plus, you can get en number of seaside towns and much more in Croatia.

About Croatia – 

You can check out the images of the old towns and cities of Croatia and the houses and islands, you will just fall in love with it. Croatia with its rural town and beautiful old cities is like a feast for the eyes. To know more or book your trip you can switch to Adventures Croatia Travel. You can also choose to drive in Croatia; this will give you a better experience to explore each and every part of Croatia. You can also book for ferry and speedboat tickets in Croatia. One of the best places that you can visit in Croatia is the port city of Rovinj. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Cobbled Stone Streets – 

Rovinj has beautiful cobblestone streets, with colorful buildings and a fishing harbor, which is very lively. If you are a person who appreciates beauty and loves watching the colorful buildings and loves walking the cobblestone streets, then Rovinj is the perfect place for you. You can book your bus tickets from Zagreb to reach this town, or you can book air tickets and fly into Pula Airport. You can find beautiful stone house apartments or building guesthouses too.

Zagreb and Its Architecture –  

If you are a fan of and love beautiful architecture and want to witness one, then one of the most fascinating towns that you can visit in Croatia is Zagreb. Zagreb is divided into two towns – The gradec (upper town) and the lower town. On the opposite side of the Sava River, there sits a 3rd town neighborhood also known as New Zagreb. St. Marks Parish Church is one of the most pivotal landmarks in Zagreb and its history. And, one of the finest decorative churches in the country is the St. Catherine’s Church. So, there are many places to visit in Croatia.

Dubrovnik Town – 

Dubrovnik is another best place to visit and it has houses juxtaposed. It is a small coastal city with around 50k people. It is settled between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The city mainly faces the seafront and has stunning ancient architecture, fascinating history, and red roofs. It can be easily recognized because of the “King’s Landing Game of Thrones fame”. Since then it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. In the afternoons, you can relax at Banji Beach, a white pebbled beach. To enjoy, the sunset you can choose to take a cable car to the peak of mount srd for watching the panoramic views of the beautiful coastline and the city.