Some Top Sailing Holiday Destinations of the World

Sailing has been one of the greatest passions for many travel lovers throughout the world. This is why the sailing industry has flourished so well based on different destinations scattered all around the globe. Here in this article, you will come to know about some of the top destinations for your sailing holidays.

  1. The Greek Aegean

Greek Aegean is one of the most popular sailing holiday destinations where you can get scenes that are drawn on a piece of paper. The clear blue sky and the greenish water with the clearest texture have made this sailing holiday destination a legendary one. The place offers you an epic adventure of the natural beauties containing a sensational sunset, sand dusted taverns beside the sea, and coves that are as clear as crystals. The best time to visit this place is from April to September and you can have the best experience of your sailing holiday here.

  1. Norway’s Lofoten Island

Norway has been one of the most favorite destinations for travel lovers. The country is situated near the Arctic Circle and is famous for showing lots of natural phenomena throughout the year. This place is also enriched with the world’s most beautiful scenes of seascapes and thus the cruising enthusiasts have chosen this place for the best experience of spending their holiday. The Lofoten Islands, Norway is one of the best places featured with pristine beaches along with snow-capped mountains. These two opposite scenes can only be seen here. You can have a walk along the sea beach and see the wildlife of the area along with the Sea Eagles and other aquatic creatures.

  1. The Italian Amalfi coast

The Amalfi coast of Italy has been one of the greatest reasons of interest for the sailors for ages. The sailors mainly search for shimmering shorelines around the beaches located here beside the island namely Capri, Procida, and Ischia.  The Infinite blue bay around the city of Naples and the eye attracting sunset will definitely blow your mind. The best time to visit this place is during September.

  1. The Croatian Elaphiti Archipelago

Croatia has been one of the most beautiful places for or a voyage on a yacht. The pristine Pine forest and the saltwater lakes are here to make you feel the best experience of your holidays. You can visit this area from May to September every year and can have the most delightful holiday ever.

  1. Turkish Seashores

Western Asia and Europe have always been on the priority list for travel lovers. Turkey is among those places which capture the most important places to visit. Vacation by selling here in Turkey will occupy all your senses and will feel them up with the most mind-blowing natural scenes. You can board on a luxury gulet and can enjoy the adventure around the islands. The best time to visit this country is during April to October every year. The pleasant weather will also accompany you during your trip.