Taking Your Baby’s Passport Photo for Official Purpose


As parents, we all had to take passport photos for our baby. Obviously using a traditional photo booth (photo booth) with a newborn or young child is inconceivable and above all, a waste of money. Some professional photographers offer this service, creating passport photos for babies, and their work will, of course, be of quality. But the price of this achievement can be a brake for some.

So, faced with this problem ourselves, we imagined a solution to help you. The online photo booth is simple, fast and advantageous. You can go for the passport photos near me option and then you can come up with the best deals there.

Before you can use it, you will have to take your own photo of your baby, so you will have to slip into the shoes of a professional photographer, but the difference from reality is that your baby knows (and conversely otherwise) and in an environment familiar to him.

You will start over several times to get the snapshot, but you will get there.

To take your baby’s passport photo yourself, here are some tips

With a newborn

The best solution for a newborn baby is to put him on his back on a solid, light towel ( but not white ). Then your imagination must do the rest to capture your baby’s attention. The goal is that it sets the goal. Avoid making him smile too much or cry. Ideally, it should be as neutral as possible.

With a young child

With a young child (who is standing in a seated position), you can sit on his high chair or a stool (if he is taller) in front of a plain background, the back of a door is an option (as a reminder no white background). And again the child must set the goal and have a neutral expression. With the passport photos you can find the best deals now.

A concrete example better than 1000 speeches, here is just for you

In general, you must ensure that the following points are respected

  • The background should be neutral and solid in color.
  • There is no shadow in the background.
  • The face is not hidden.
  • The face is not shaded.
  • The face is properly exposed to light.
  • The face occupies 80% of the frame.
  • The shooting is frontal.
  • The eyes look at the lens.

Indeed, to be successful and validated by the authorities, your passport photo must be clean, recent, without creases and without traces.


So, when taking the photo, you must be attentive to your exposure (you need light on your face, no shadow: neither on your face or behind your back), the background of the image must be solid and light in color (light blue, light gray). White background is prohibited. The requirements for a successful passport photo are summarized on the next page .