The Best Photo Apps To Edit And Retouch On Instagram

Although improving your photos for Likes seems somewhat banal, the reality is that the hashtag #NoFilter is out of fashion. In this post, we will show you the best photo apps to edit and retouch on Instagram. Take advantage of these photo applications, and you will surely reach the top.

Here are the best photography apps for Instagram we’ve found:

  1. Photolemur

Do you know what is better than a nice photo? A unique photo. Surely you have seen someone an image in two because here is their secret. Photolemur’s possibilities are endless, and its coolest functionality allows you to combine photos with effects to make a unique image. Visit https://photolemur.com/blog/15-hot-summer-instagram-accounts.

  1. VSCO

VSCO, apart from an editing app with very cool filters, is a whole photography social network. This application allows you to apply various types of filters, make white adjustments, level the contrast, regulate saturation or choose focus modes. And if all this seems too little, you still have many more possibilities.

  1. PicsArt

If your thing is to do crazy things with the photos, with this app, you will have a great time with a new toy. Artistic effects (Pop Art, cubism), drawings, stickers. And not only that, but it is also a social network, similar to Instagram and its likes, tags, comments and followers.

  1. Roll World And Tiny Planet

Have you seen the photos of rolled-up landscapes that look like planets? If you do it with Photoshop, it will probably take hours, but these apps do it instantly, and the result is very cool. Click https://gotoandlearn.com/ for interesting details.

If you upload these photos, your friends will surely die of envy, and not only because you have gone on vacation, but also because you have the best photo on your Instagram.

  1. Prism

Do you know that fashion friend who says that you dress better than him? Google has done the same with Prisma. Although they have their photo editing app, in 2016 they selected Prism as the best app of the year.

This application has some beautiful artistic filters. If you know how to choose the place to take your photos, your IG will burst it with likes.