The Companion Bike – No More Biking Limitations 

Although most people think tricycle style bicycles are designed for toddlers and preschoolers, there are tricycle bikes that are specially designed for adults and people who want extra support and stability while cycling. One such tricycle is the companion bike. If you cannot ride a standard two-wheeled bicycle for whatever reasons, the companion bike is a good and safe alternative to get you places while enjoying the great outdoors. This bike has all the features you wish to see in a tricycle like an adjustable seat combined with a foldable carbon fiber frame and a step-through design for better maneuverability. It is also equipped with a removable front seat allowing for two people to ride the bike at once—one person on the front seat while the other person pedals on the back.  Besides the aesthetics, the sturdy construction of the companion bike offers a safe and dependable ride. The reliable front platform design and construction of the companion bike can help you plan picnics in a better way, especially for parents with children. The companion bike also boasts a retro look and a low profile that ensures enhanced stability. The stable design of this bike is suited for multi-purpose usage, from grocery shopping to commuting and recreational use. 

Key features

Foldable Carbon Fiber Frame 

The carbon fiber frame provides the bike with a structure that is uniquely strong and lightweight and makes it easy to mount and dismount. The bike can be folded in seconds, so it’s perfect for you to bring along during your commute or stashing it in your apartment.  

Removable Front Seat 

The front seat can be attached and dismounted in seconds. The seat comes in handy for parents that need to transport kids or items such as groceries. 

Sturdy Construction

The companion bike is built out of high-quality carbon fiber to ensure high performance, and enhanced strength and durability. The carbon frame ensures the bike is lightweight and maintains the strength you’re looking for. Its robust and well-balanced design can support a front rider up to 300 lbs. and a rear paddler up to 200 lbs. Combining the carbon fiber frame and ergonomic handles, you’ll not only ride safely but also have more control. 

Adjustable Seat

The companion bike is well suited for people in the height ranges of 5’4’’ to 6’2’’ because users can adjust the height of the seat to suit their needs. So you don’t have to change its frame size to pedal the bike. 


The companion bike also features footrests that ensure a comfortable riding position. The bottom seat is made with foam seat cushion wrapped with high-quality leather to deliver ultimate comfort. The fabric can be cleaned more easily.

With its unique design and frame, the companion bike is certainly one of the best tricycles in the market. It is ideal for persons with disabilities or injuries, the elderly, outdoor lovers, medical/rehab facilities, bike rental shops, and anyone looking for a tricycle with unmatched stability. 

Foldable Carbon Fiber Frame Bike – Freedom For All Riders