The Festival of Psy-Fi: Everything that you need to know

Psy-Fi festival is more than just music. Since its inauguration in 2013, this wonderful blend of art and culture has mesmerized a huge mass from all over the globe. It can be best described as a ‘universal psytrance gathering’ as people from all corners of the world gather together to enjoy this festival of music. It will be wrong to call it a music event because it is the festival of arts and culture. This festival is a treat to the eyes because people, irrespective of caste, gender, color, race, and religion, come together as one to celebrate. It started as a small festival but with time and popularity, it has become one of the top international festivals in the Netherlands. In 2019, 116 countries attended the festival. The festival is quite encouraging, motivating, and inspiring for all. The participants can attend lectures and workshops on important topics that will help them in their day-to-day lives.

The festival believes in a different spirit- ‘bigger is not always better. Their main motto is to provide the ultimate satisfaction to the audiences by delivering the best cultural and musical experience. Mainly, they encourage all the participants to apply whatever they’ve learned in their day-to-day lives. Though it has been only a few years since the festival has started, it has become one of the largest psytrance festivals in Europe. It offers a huge category of music, arts, and space to promote personal development and growth. To ensure that the participants derive the best learning experience, the team invites some of the top-notch professionals and experts having specialized knowledge in the field of science, society, dance, permaculture, religion, psychology, etc.

The Meaning of Psy-Fi:

Often people ask about the meaning of Psy-Fi. They are like – is it Sci-Fi experiences or Psy-Fi? There’s no direct answer to this question. The festival offers the space and the tools to help participants understand the meaning. The main aim of the festival is to help the participants learn about the realities of the other world. With the help of amazing art, cultural programs, DJ music, and great ambiance, people get more insights and knowledge of the realities of these states.

As mentioned above, the main aim of this festival is to deliver the ultimate pleasure of music, art, and culture. Psy-Fi Psychedelic music festival aims to promote the personal growth of the participants and the people attending the festival. It is an open space where people from all over the world irrespective of culture, religion, and countries come together as one. The main center of attraction is the psychedelic subculture which promotes harmony, oneness, love, peace, and respect. Moreover, the festival aims to create a consciousness level through the programs so that they can at least apply their learning and experiences in their daily lives. Hence, the festival is more than just music. It is all about the unity, strength, and harmony of people from different parts of the world.