The Finer Options for the Best Barcelona Visit

Living in Barcelona is a joy and right now we would not change it for another. For many years that you live in it, for many outings and visits you make you always discover some new place or detail that will surprise you.

About Barcelona

Barcelona is not too big and enjoys a very adequate public transport. That makes it easy for us, both those who live daily and the tourist who intends to cover several sites in the same day.

  • Every two by three we tend to receive questions on the blog or through social networks on how to plan a trip to Barcelona, ​​where to eat, where to sleep, what and what are the places that should not be missed.
  • Next we will explain the best tips that we think are appropriate to visit Barcelona and make the most of your stay in Barcelona. We hope you find it helpful.

What are the essential places to visit in Barcelona?

You will find more information by reading our article dedicated to the essentials in Barcelona. For enjoying Barcelona with boat  you can be the best deal now.

How many days are needed to see the best of Barcelona?

The better, obviously. However, with three days in Barcelona we can cover those 10 essential places or make a good approach to the city. If we have more days we can go deep into the various modernist visits that exist, walk through other less touristy neighborhoods or make some escape around.

If we only have a weekend, it is best to concentrate on the places that attract your attention and not try to cover too much. In those cases, a good advice is to get on the first day to the tourist bus to get an idea of ​​the city and visit several of the most prominent places on the same day.

What is the best time to visit Barcelona?

The Mediterranean climate of the peninsula invites the best weather during the months of spring, summer and part of autumn. Climate change has been distorting the proverb and that of “in April, thousand waters”, “per Maig, every day a raig” (in May, every day a ray) is no longer as usual and strong storms usually occur in October. Mainly try to avoid the summer months or Holy Week where the marabunta of low cost flights throughout Europe and cruise ships take over the city.

Tips for visiting the SagradaFamilia

The SagradaFamilia receives more than 4.5 million people a year. With that data you can imagine the multitude of people who come together and the queues that are generated both to acquire the tickets and to enter the premises.

Also, whether you are an early riser or do not try to avoid visiting at 10 in the morning, it is the time that all the troops that leave the cruise ships usually get together.

Winter temperatures do not usually drop below 5 degrees although humidity creates a thermal sensation of cold that seems not to affect tourists in northern Europe too much, given its summer clothing throughout the year.