The Kind of Longboard You Would Love to Have

If you are approaching the world of longboards for the first time you will find that there are many shapes and sizes of boards, more or less large and attractive. For that you need to choose the best longboard decks you can find. Online options are now open for the best decks.

Yes, that’s right: different types of longboards

It is not just an aesthetic factor because there are numerous disciplines that can be practiced in this sport, each one with different characteristics, and for this reason, over time; ad hoc boards have been developed to perform better in each discipline.

In this article we will list the main types of longboard deck and the related disciplines so as to have an overview on the subject and, without going too far into the technicalities; you will have the basic tools to choose the right board in case you are thinking of buying one.

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Well, are you ready? Let’s start

Types of Longboards: complete guide to disciplines and best board

Over the years, longboarding has branched out into different disciplines of use and with them different types of boards have been developed, each one with characteristics and performance optimized for specific uses. In that case go for a quality longboard deck only.

To date, the disciplines known are very numerous which for simplicity we will group into 5 main macro categories:

  • Dancing
  • Carving
  • Freeride
  • Freestyle
  • Downhill

Each of these types of riding is characterized by specific execution techniques based on different mix of characteristics between speed, agility and maneuverability.

Let’s now analyze these specialties one by one, highlighting the distinctive points and main characteristics of the longboards used .

Longboard Dancing

The discipline of dancing with the longboard has gained a lot in recent times, starting from the United States to our country.

The activity consists of doing some “dance” type steps on the board, while the longboard rolls on the road.

Usually it is practiced on flat stretches where it is necessary to push yourself so as not to reach high speeds and, once the necessary pace is reached, you begin to set up crossed steps very similar to dance moves. Hence the name of the discipline

To date, dancing has developed a lot, also integrating some tricks that include evolutions of the board itself.

Beautiful, is not it? Especially if a beautiful girl is practicing it, we add

To try your hand at dancing, longboards have been developed that facilitate the practice of these exercises.These are boards with generous lengths, usually above the meter, with a symmetrical shape and a flat camber. The wheelbase of the trucks is abundant and, combined with the dimensions of the table, guarantees a lot of stability and a large turning radius. Finally, the flex of the board is medium so as to offer a certain reactivity during the execution of tricks.