The perfect place to escape the cold!

man with paintbrush painting wooden house exterior

Malaga is always one of the top destinations when it comes to summer getaways. In general, when thinking about this city, its beaches, squares and outdoor events that abound so much during the summer are usually highlighted, however, although winter is not the ideal season to swim in the sea, there are many other activities that can be done in this season.

Rough and Gentle: Malaga can be both

January is not a month that varies so much with respect to December in terms of temperatures, however it is in this month where we find the lowest peaks in which in some mornings it could drop to around 3 °, although then it rises a lot during the day .

This is why it is recommended to all visitors, especially those who come during this month, to bring the appropriate clothing and not limit yourself only to moderate cold clothing, or only intense cold, since you never know when the change will occur.

Malaga always brings something to the table!

The main thing is that, as this is a low season, airports and other transport services will offer many offers and good prices for visitors.

December and energy then become quite attractive months to visit the city, being that its very low and low influx in terms of visitors allow to have a much wider freedom than is possible during the summer. Simple things such as reservations for a hotel, or even to hire a malaga airport transfer are made easier and cheaper to book.

While the rest of Spain is cold, Malaga gives its inhabitants and visitors the chance to spend a winter with much friendlier temperatures, so much so that the opening of golf courses has even become a kind of local attraction.

While swimming is not recommended for everyone, fishing and boat trips remain on the table of options for any visitor. On the other hand, those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground can choose from the many natural parks in the region, where snowy landscapes can even be found when they go to the mountain ranges.

The best thing about the low influx of visitors this season is the tranquility that is constantly breathed in its streets. The center of Malaga is also nourished by this peace that is absent during the summer, but which during the winter makes it the perfect destination for holidays focused on well-being. From spas and Turkish baths, to places with hot churros and extensive varieties of coffee will be enough to heat up any visitor’s snack time.