The Perfect Trip with the Perfect Vacation

Imagine planning a trip for months, buying tickets, booking hotels, travel insurance and defining the itinerary with every detail in mind. Then days before boarding, he realizes that he did not search for car rentals. This is normal, and it has happened to me to leave the rental car for the last hour. However, there are several advantages of booking in advance, and as many questions arise, we prepared this post with 10 tips on how to rent cars to travel. When you go for the Kolymbia vacations and car hire companies then here are some things that you need to know.

  • Renting a car while traveling is a great option for those who wish to have more freedom and flexibility that is a fact. Most of the time it can be a little more expensive than using other means of transport, but in my opinion nothing pays for the possibility of making my own itinerary, visiting hidden cities and villages, which would certainly go unnoticed by bus, train or plane.

How to rent cars to travel?

We are suspicious when making online reservations, after all we plan absolutely everything on my travels over the internet. It was like that in my return to the world. Of course it has happened many times to close the hotel on time, and even more so to rent cars at the time of travel. However, there is nothing to anticipate.

On our car trip on the California coast , for example, we was relying on a convertible car, but we ended up saving it for later and had to rent an ordinary car. It was great, but we stopped making a dream come true. Visit for more experiences like these.

Rent the vehicle before the trip

An important tip is to book the car before arriving in the city. That’s because when you book in advance, you guarantee the vehicle model you want. Or at least, they will give you an upgrade if you don’t have the car at that time.

This detail is even more relevant when the trip is in high season, because in this period the demand is naturally higher. All major car rental companies now allow car rentals online, which greatly facilitates the process, especially for international destinations.

Watch out for discounts

Car rental companies have partnerships with hotels, airlines, banks and credit card companies. So, before closing a deal, make sure you don’t have a discount on any company. In addition, rental agencies often offer loyalty programs, with discounted rentals for those who are already customers.

Check documentation and inspect the vehicle

Before leaving with the agency car it is very important to check that the car documentation is up to date. If she is not, this can cause a big headache, especially if you are renting a car abroad.

It is also important to observe all the physical characteristics of the vehicle. Make a detailed inspection of the bodywork, interior and accessories of the car. Don’t forget to check the spare tire, monkey and triangle. If the vehicle shows any scratches, scratches or any other problem, show the responsible person. Always require a document attesting to the vehicle’s condition.