The Simpson Desert & Hay River Track Loop: Tough Aussie Adventure

Crossing the Simpson Desert and Hay River Loop is on many people’s bucket list. This legendary desert in Australia has several high dunes for you to navigate, and some are steep while some are soft. The tallest and most challenging one to climb is the Birdsville pub. There are also several tracks that you can opt for when you go touring. The most exciting loop that you should try is the Hay River Track Loop. You can take this track when you go to the Simpson Desert in a 4WD Tagalong Tour.

Even if you have ever been in this desert before, the tracks and hundreds of dunes will always feel different. The best part of camping or touring the Simpson Desert is enjoying breathtaking nature. When you go camping, these are the essential things that you need to take with you.

1.The tent

Most city-bound Aussies have anxiety and fear of their Outback, although this shouldn’t be the case. You will enjoy your trip there as long as you carry the correct gear. The first most important thing to take with you is your tent. Since you will need a place to sleep, having a tent with mesh panels is an excellent idea. You will enjoy the desert breeze and also be comfortable.

2.Water tanks

Going on a desert adventure is challenging and exciting. Having enough water will keep you from being dehydrated. Ensure that you pack enough water tanks to cater to everyone on the trip. This will allow you to take the required amount frequently, keeping yourself hydrated in the hot and dusty desert whether.

3.A picnic blanket

If you are going to camp over for the night or stay in one location for a long time, it is essential to have a picnic blanket. You can lay it down on your site, which will enable you to rest without being in contact with a lot of sand or dust. You can also choose a waterproof tarp since they will serve the same purpose.

4.Sturdy shoes

The desert terrain can be harsh, especially if you walk around for a long time on a track. Therefore, you will need a sturdy pair of shoes. Choose ones with a good grip to be as comfortable as possible. Additionally, ensure that they fit you well and they offer excellent arch support.

5.A cooler

Don’t forget to bring a large cooler to keep all your beverages and food cold and nice while on your trip. Packing your snacks, water bottles, and ice in advance will ensure you don’t run out. Nothing will be as refreshing as a cold drink after a long hot day in the Simpson Desert.

6.First aid kit

Whenever you go on an outdoor excursion or trip, it is advisable always to bring your first aid kit. It prepares you for anything from a mild headache to a bruised knee. Have it in your backpack or car for easy access.

An adventure in the desert is going to be tough but, in the end, very rewarding. Having these items with you will make the trip more enjoyable and agreeable.