Three of the best places to visit in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country, located in the south of the central Europe and also in the north of the Mediterranean area. Due to this location, it has a lot of different natural beauties to offer. In this article we will talk about some of the most beautiful sights to see in Slovenia, in our opinion. For more information about the best places to visit in Slovenia, navigate to the website of the company Altitude activities

Zelenci, the most unusual spring

The natural reserve Zelenci is actually one of the two springs of the Sava River, the longest river in Slovenia. It is especially worth visiting on a sunny day to be able to admire its famous emerald green colour. If you are looking for a trip in the unspoiled nature and just sit down and observe the beauties of the nature, then Zelenci are one of the best places to visit in Slovenia for you.

Bled, the lake and its beautiful island

When tourists come to our country and ask us which are the best places to visit in Slovenia we definitely list Bled as number one. Bled is a small town in Gorenjska region in the north of Slovenia, surrounded by the high peaks of the Julian Alps. Therefore it is no wonder that nature lovers describe this place as a paradise. There are two main sights to see: the Bled castle on the one side of the lake and the Bled Island on the other side. The castle is the oldest castle in Slovenia, built in 1011. It is open to public and it is worth visiting it. The view from its observation terrace is really amazing. You can see the lake and the pletna boats floating on it, and the surrounding mountains seem to be in the reach of your hand.

The island is the most famous by its bell, which is believed to make your most secret wishes to come true. In case you want to have your wishes fulfilled, or you want to get married soon, the Bled Island is one of the best places to visit in Slovenia.

The intermittent lake of Cerkinica

The Cerknica Lake also deserves to be on our list of the best places to visit in Slovenia, since it is one of the world’s most famous intermittent lakes and one of the biggest in Europe. The  interesting feature of this type of lake is that during the winter it is fully covered in water, but during the hot summer months the whole water disappears in the underground channels and normally comes back sometimes with the heavy autumn rain. However, it can remain dry also during the autumn and winter months. You really should come and see it in any time of the year.

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