Top Things To Do In Newport Beach

The best activities in Newport Beach are centered around the coastline, but many visitors don’t realize there are many other things to do within the area. Everything from the dining scene to world-class golfing to shopping and various unique activities, there is something for everyone. If you want to experience the best things Newport Beach offers, then here is a checklist. 

The Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve

The Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve is one of the top places to go for bird-watching, as well as to take in natural beauty. The hike to the bluff is the highlight of the area, but you’ll want to do it in Mark or April because this is when the wildflowers are out in abundance. Also, make sure you bring your camera because you’ll be impressed with the beauty, regardless of the time of year you go. 

The Balboa Fun Zone

This is an amusement area that is packed with lots of fun activities for the entire family. You can head to the arcade before going on a Ferris wheel, which sits right near a body of water. The Balboa Island Ferry is right next to the Fun Zone. Instead of driving to the island, you should take the ferry over because of how much fun it is. 

The Pelican Hill Golf Club

Pelican Hill has a number of courses that have won awards, so do go to it if you’re a fan of golf. When you arrive, you will instantly be impressed due to the views and the courses. Besides that, the property was named the top golf resort in the publication Conde Nast Traveler’s choice survey. If you’re not a good golfer, then feel free to take a few lessons or inquire about the other programs the club has.

The Newport Beach Film Festival 

All film buffs will tell you that one of the top events in Newport Beach is the Newport Beach Film Festival, which takes place every single year. This year, it’ll be taking place between April 23 and April 30, and both American and foreign contemporary film-making will be the main focus. Besides that, there will be 15 parties going on, and some of the top eateries will be at them to serve food. 

Dine At A Waterfront Restaurant

One of the best things to do is spend time on a boat in Newport Beach, which is why it is a must to go to a waterfront restaurant. If out on a boat, then don’t worry too much about bringing food along with you or stress if you don’t bring drinks because there are quite a few waterfront restaurants you can visit. You simply dock the boat, get off and eat a meal or two and then you get back on the boat.


Without a doubt, learning how to surf is fun. There are no shortages of surfing instructors throughout Newport Beach, and they’ll be more than willing to teach you. It doesn’t even matter how much surfing experience you possess. 

If you don’t really like the though of surfing, then go to The wedge. This is an area you can go to and watch other surfers. However, this spot is where massive waves are known for hitting, so expect to see highly skilled surfers in this area. 

Roger’s Gardens 

Roger’s Gardens is amazing in the fall time because it gets a Halloween makeover. Every single year, there’s a new theme. If you love Halloween and you want to be impressed, then make sure you head over to Roger’s Gardens around the fall. 

The Shops At Lido Marina Village & Fashion Island

Both of these places are a must for those who love shopping, as well as those who enjoy taking a cocktail and lunch break while out and about. Both of these places offers something for everyone, and they even have open patios, which adds to the experience. Right around the holidays, some of the best deals that Newport Beach has to offer can be found there. 

The Lighting Of The Bay

Every year around Xmas, the Lighting of the Bay takes place. This is a massive event that offers live music, food and train rides to name a few. When the lights turn on, be prepared to be impressed. Make sure to bring the entire family along. 

Besides all of the above, you can take in the Newport Beach Xmas boat parade, which is another event that happens every year. It’s when all sorts of boats take to the water, but most of them feature over-the-top decorations and lighting. Trust us when we say this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.