Tourist’s Guide To San Francisco Restaurants

San Francisco is one of the top restaurant cities in the world, as well as a leading tourist destination. It means that finding a restaurant in San Fransicso as a tourist is easy, and plenty of the city’s more than 4,000 restaurants are geared towards the many visitors. Seafood, organic produce and fusion style places to eat are all popular in the city. Fairprice Movers Oakland is a professional Moving company in Oakland area. We Specialize in Residential & Commercial Moving with Fully Licensed and Insured. If you don’t want to spend too much and want a familiar menu, the usual casual dining and fast food places can be found all over the city, moving company oakland especially close to some of the major tourist areas and attractions. Some reliable Bay Area chain restaurants include Super Duper Burgers, Little Star Pizza and California Pizza Kitchen.

San Francisco is home to one of the largest Chinese communities in the US, and a visit to the thriving Chinatown area is a must. The more touristy restaurants are along Grant Avenue; if you venture away from here and in to the heart of the neighborhood, you’ll find more authentic restaurants, cafes and bakeries. Look for places that seem popular with the local Chinese; many of the better places to eat are tiny, seemingly always crowded or offer take out only. Some of the better restaurants in Chinatown include Dim Sum Bistro, Chinatown Restaurant and City View restaurant. Other ethnic eating areas include Belden Place, with several French restaurants, Little Italy in North Beach, and the Mission district, known for its Mexican and Latino eating places.

One of the most popular places in the city is the Fisherman’s Wharf area, and you’ll probably end up here if you’re visiting as a tourist. There are dozens of reasonably priced places to eat here, and although seafood is in abundance, you can find plenty of American style places to eat, as well as bars and lounges, bakeries and several Italian restaurants. Some of the eating places here are local institutions and are as popular with residents as they are with tourists. Sabella and La Torre has been serving seafood since 1927, while Tarantino’s has been a waterfront fixture since the 1940s.

If your goal is finding a restaurant in San Francisco as a tourist, there are some well known dining spots that shouldn’t be missed. Many SF restaurants are local fixtures, and a waiting list of several weeks isn’t uncommon. The Progress specializes in using the freshest local ingredients, while the Farallon is known for its seafood, and its unusual jellyfish lounge. The Tonga Room boasts its very own swimming pool, and Forage SF even offers its own food foraging classes. If you’re visiting with kids, some places to go include the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, the Ice Cream Bar, and the Foreign Cinema, which shows films while you dine. And the city has no shortage of restaurants offering great views while you dine, although one of the best has to be the spectacular view of the city from the Cityscape Lounge, located on the 46th floor of the Hilton in Union Square. Speaking of Union Square, this is ehat we consider to be cone of the best Union Square restaurants.